3 Ways SMS Alerts Help You Prepare for Unexpected Situations

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SMS Alerts Can Help You Prepare for Unexpected Situations

With all the events that transpired during 2020, it seems like an entire decade’s worth of history was crammed into one year. Unexpected situations have been cropping up left and right, requiring quick action and adaptation to achieve the most favourable outcomes possible. Fortunately, thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, swift communication has never been more accessible. 

SMS text messaging has proven to be a reliable part of any emergency communication strategy, whether dealing with new lockdown measures or coping with a generally tumultuous year. No matter where people go, they likely have their cellphones with them, which means they’re ready to receive urgent text messages or alerts from organizations or businesses they depend on for information or other services. 

Text messages also boast impressive statistics. Approximately 98 percent are opened, and almost 90 percent are viewed in the first three minutes. As a result, they allow you to stay connected with your customers and keep their trust. Here are three ways text message services help you prepare for unexpected situations: 

  1. It’s Faster Than Other Channels

Text messages are one of the fastest communication channels around. They get delivered immediately even when you’re sending them from across the country—or even the world. They also don’t require Internet connectivity, making them even more accessible to a broader range of users.

Given the incredible open rates of text messaging, urgent information reaches people more efficiently and quickly. Once people read your messages, they can respond immediately, bringing a high level of engagement. 

SMS alerts are also incredibly affordable, as most people subscribe to cellphone plans that include unlimited texting for a month. You won’t have to worry about needing to spend thousands of your company’s money on sending and receiving vital information to your clients, making it an excellent option for small businesses.  

  1. It Allows You to Plan for Emergencies

Thanks to text messaging, you can now prepare your database to handle any potential threats in real-time. Whether the issues come from the election results, instances of racial injustice, or any other problem, quick communication is essential. 

You can also sign up for automated text messaging that gives you crucial notifications and crime alerts. Businesses are bracing themselves for any riots caused by the election results, so preparation is vital for any ensuing political chaos and widespread unrest. It pays to plan for emergencies, especially if it compromises your safety. Not having a contingency plan will negatively affect your operations and may even carry financial consequences as well. 

  1. It Helps You Remain in Contact With Your Workforce

If you work in a transportation company, then you’ll find mass text messaging services incredibly useful. People must be aware of any road closures or police activity occurring within the vicinity, as it can impact their access to your workplace. Retailers using contactless delivery methods will also be affected by such closures. As such, be sure to communicate these developments immediately with your customers and employees, as it demonstrates your concern for their safety. 

Text message reminder services can also be useful for triggering reminder campaigns, informing your employees and customers of essential safety procedures and precautions they can take. It will help them prepare for emergencies while giving them a reliable communication method to stay in touch with relevant entities.


SMS alerts, whether they’re scheduled text messaging or used to notify of emergencies, are crucial for preparing for the worst. Given the current situation, especially with the elections, only time can tell what will happen, so it’s best to have the proper channels ready. With text messaging, you’ll have immediate access to your clients and employees, ensuring you know where they are and if they are safe.

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