4 Reasons to Implement an Emergency Notification System for Your Campus

Student on campus with a smartphone
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4 Reasons to Implement an Emergency Notification System for Your Campus

Safety is one of the most important priorities for all school administrators. In the event of an emergency, you want to keep all students and staff safe. This means having a robust safety plan, which should include emergency response procedures and notification systems.

Emergencies, by definition, occur with little to no warning. As such, an effective notification system will cover one of the most critical aspects of emergency response: communication. You need an efficient and convenient way to disseminate pertinent information to everyone in your camps to ensure that you are all on the same page. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the potential for serious injury!

Here is why a text messaging service is the best choice for your campus-wide emergency notification system:

1. Cellphones Are Ubiquitous

Nowadays, almost every single person on your campus—students, staff, and the random visitor—always keep their cellphone close by. People worldwide are more attached to their phones than ever before—and you can leverage this compulsive habit to your advantage. 

No matter what a person is doing or where they are, a single buzz of an incoming message will instantly catch their attention.

2. Text Messaging Is the Best Mode for Communication

The millennial and Gen Z crowds are much more inclined to communicate via text/chat messages as opposed to phone calls, voicemails, or emails. For several years now, the younger generation has been repulsed by answering phone calls, especially if they come from unknown numbers.

A mass texting service is the most efficient way to communicate because you can send and receive messages even if you’re not connected to a WiFi or data network.

3. It’s Easy to Understand

A clear, informative text message remains permanently on your phone before you delete it—you can go back and reread it whenever you need to. Additionally, information is more easily retained if it’s written down.

4. Text Messages Are Customizable

Text message notification systems are very flexible. When you send out an emergency message, you can put a keyword in place of a phone number as the message’s sender. For example, you can use “[SCHOOL NAME] ALERT” to let your recipients know that the message is urgent.

When to Use a Text Messaging Service

You can utilize a text messaging service in an emergency or when you need to disseminate information quickly. Set up message alerts in advance so you can send them off quickly and save yourself some time when you actually need to send them.

Some non-emergency situations include:

School cancellations – In the event of harsh weather conditions, you can announce school closure via a system-wide text message.

Important announcements – If you have an important school event, changes in the academic calendar, or any important announcements, a text message in addition to a more detailed email will effectively disseminate information.

Fundraising efforts – You can use a text messaging system to let students make pledges or donations to your fundraisers.

Counseling/assistance – If your students need counseling, you can set up a system where they can text a toll-free number, and a counselor will reach out to help them with whatever problems they’re facing.


School administrators need to grow with the times and adapt to the student body’s needs. You should utilize systems that your students are comfortable with and use widely available technology to your advantage. It’s now easier than ever to communicate your commitment to keeping your campus safe. An emergency text messaging system is an excellent solution for your communication needs.

Are you looking for a text messaging service for your campus announcements? Main Street Contact is a web-based platform that enables you to send messages instantly and with ease. We know how important it is to communicate in any situation. We can handle small- and large-capacity messaging, so contact us today and get started for free!