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4 SMS Marketing Strategy Tips

SMS marketing is used differently by different companies. Some have fully implemented this marketing method into their marketing strategy, while others use it from time to time as they see fit. That said, with the vast majority of online shoppers carrying out their online shopping on mobile devices, it makes sense that SMS marketing should be taken more seriously.

If you are interested in integrating SMS marketing into your overall strategy, here are some tips to make the most out of it and achieve success.

1. Implement clickable CTAs

Call-to-actions are a great way to increase engagement among your customers. They give customers ways to contact you and complete other actions quickly. For SMS marketing, we recommend utilizing clickable CTAs, such as buttons. A button makes it easy for them to interact with your content. For example, your button can be a “click here” button. It can lead to a video on your website that provides more information about whatever you included in your initial message.

2. Keep your message focused

You should never beat around the bush with your SMS marketing content. The clearer, more focused, and shorter it is, the faster your audience will pick up on the message and understand what you are offering. Also, the message should be close-ended, not open-ended. For example, rather than merely stating “come to our store for a huge sale,” write “come to our store for a huge sale from November 20 to October 20 this year!” As you can tell, the second message is much more informative and closed-ended compared to the first one.

3. Learn more about your audience

You cannot write relevant messages if you do not know who you are sending those messages to. In other words, you should learn more about your target customers, including their purchase behavior, demographics, and preferences. Knowing these different factors can make your messages more relevant. For instance, if you have customers in New York, your SMS marketing content should be about a product in your store in NYC, not somewhere else.

4. Set up an SMS marketing team

SMS marketing is much easier said than done. Various aspects require professionals to make sure they are done right. For instance, you can consider hiring retail experts, creative designers, and even SMS marketing experts to cover specific tasks for a successful SMS marketing campaign. If you do not have the resources to build your team, working with digital marketing agencies that offer this service is also a viable option.


Every company can utilize SMS marketing to facilitate sales and engagement, including yours. Many of your customers are likely shopping online on their mobile phones, and SMS marketing is a sure-fire way to reach them. You can send them promotions and deals to improve your sales and, ultimately, grow your business.

If you have not started creating an SMS marketing strategy just yet, then do so right away! The world is only going to become more digital as time passes, and the earlier you begin, the faster you will be to make the most out of the digital market.

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