4 Ways Texts Can Boost Sales During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As COVID continues to hamper business activities, the retail sector is facing many challenges. Entrepreneurs must now be creative with their operations to survive. Until respite from the pandemic comes, however, businesses will have to use and develop new and inventive ways to profit. One of the ways enterprises survived was by moving online and offering online purchases.

Although it is no easy task to maximize business right now, there are plenty of other techniques to boost sales. If you are curious to know what tactics to use, here is a surprisingly successful one: text.

Here’s why text can boost your online sales and help your business survive and thrive in the pandemic:

1. It is convenient 

Many people are already used to texting because it is incredibly convenient. With physical communications limited, texting has become more popular. For your business, utilizing text means accessing a medium of communication that people are already used to. They will readily see and read your offerings and promotions, which can stay in their minds when they go shopping online or offline.

2. Drives foot traffic 

Even though you may have set up a COVID-free environment in your physical store, many will avoid coming simply because they are afraid—for which you cannot blame them. With text, you can drive foot traffic to your store by employing exclusive promotions and discounts. Just note that you need to make sure such offerings are usable for both the physical store and the digital store. That way, you can ensure profits whether people want to walk into your store or buy from your website. 

3. Avoids email overload

Emails have their time and place in the business world. However, not many customers want to deal with emails. Some do not even want emails, and if you were previously relying on email, there is a high chance your carefully crafted emails are going unnoticed and straight to the trash folder.

With text, on the other hand, the open rates are much higher. Emails experience around a 20% open rate, while text experiences a near 100% open rate. With its massive success rates, it is a marketing avenue you cannot ignore.

4. Boosts customer experience 

With text, you can keep your subscribers updated with the latest promos, order notifications, events, and more. This is an incredibly convenient way for customers to keep updated with what’s going on in your business. Other things you can achieve with text also include one-to-one chats, along with automated responses to answer any of their questions. This significantly boosts the customer experience, keeping them happy and motivating them to come back to you to purchase more things. 


If you have not used text to grow your business yet, do so. It can be the difference between barely surviving the pandemic and thriving. Even with the pandemic over, you can continue relying on text to attract your customers to your digital and physical doorstep. It is an incredibly effective tool to communicate with your customers, and since many people text every day, you will stay in the back of their minds throughout the day. This might just motivate them to purchase from you. 

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