5 Benefits of SMS for Schools and Universities

university students on a smartphone
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SMS or text messages can be an effective tool for schools and universities to notify and interact with their students. Most of the time, smartphones are banned in the classrooms and in the hallways to maintain the concentration of the students. Still, if they are utilized well, the result may benefit both the learning institution and the young cellphone users.

Its regulated use doesn’t even need to be strictly implemented, as students can follow the most basic rules. So long as they will be rolled out without resorting to draconian measures, motivating proper mobile phone use within the school will be successful. 

That said, there are a couple of benefits to enabling the proper use of smartphones within the institution. Some of these are for the students, while others are for their curriculum. Nonetheless, they are all aimed at accomplishing something for both parties, depending on the situation—here are some of the most compelling benefits:

1. Admission Notification

The school will be able to use SMS to notify incoming students about their enrollments and admission confirmation. Instead of sending out a physical mail, an institution that aims to eliminate one-use paper will be able to utilize their cellphones to this end, delivering the good news to the new students without having to waste paper in the process. 

They may also update the student if there are still missing requirements for their admission, reducing the need for voice calls.

2. Emergency Alert

There are times when a school or university may be in the way of an incoming storm or natural disaster. In such a case, all of the faculty members and the students should be warned as soon as possible to brace themselves for the danger that’s about to hit the institution. 

If it’s too early for class, the emergency notifications may still be sent out so that the students wouldn’t need to risk going out towards their classrooms.

3. Lesson Reminder

Forgetful students often oversee the importance of noting down the lesson for today, but educational SMS may also remind the whole class of the lesson highlights for the day. This, in turn, may then be used as a reference for when the examination’s just around the corner.

4. Event Notification

All schools and universities have their own annual and seasonal events. In such a case, the administrators may send out an SMS notifying all students about the upcoming event and the preparations needed for those particular gatherings. Normally, these notifications may include the time, the date, and the clothes to be worn for that specific occasion.

5. Direct Channel When Summoning a Specific Student

There are times when a school administrator or faculty member may need to speak with a student about their academics. In that case, they may be summoned through a direct SMS instead of announcing their name over the PA. 

This would save them embarrassment, as the common misconception about names being called out is geared towards failing grades rather than meaningful academic discussions and inquiries.


Educational institutions such as schools and universities may utilize SMS to interact with their students directly. This will eliminate physical papers, loud PA announcements, and even e-mails to the extent that everyone will have one definite communication channel within the school itself. 

This will also reduce miscommunication and confusion regarding the essential details for the whole school year, such as admission results, event schedules, and even academic discussions. SMS is an excellent communication tool—the only thing left to do now is to invest!

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