5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Text Messaging

person on a smartphone
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5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Text Messaging

person on a smartphone

If you own a small business and are looking for the most effective and convenient way to promote it and improve your business communication, text messaging should be one of your main options. SMS is a widely used platform in the US. People are on their phones exchanging messages all the time. Whether it is for internal or external communication, text messaging can bring your business many advantages. 

If you still need more reasons to pursue this platform, here are five good ones:

Reason 1: It is subtle yet effective

Text messaging is a much easier way to reach out to your customer than a phone call. There is no need to ask your customers when the most convenient time is to receive your message. They receive your news directly and can read your message at any time. Moreover, SMS marketing is the simplest way to forward your message to your respective audience in the most non-intrusive manner. 

Reason 2: Simplified communication

Gone are the days when you needed to have a separate landline number from a mobile number. Now, the two can co-exist in the same number. You can get a landline that offers texting capabilities. It makes contacting your company or organization easier and streamlines all the communication lines to your business. 

With one number for everything, you can guarantee a response to any customer contacting you. You can also assure that no information will be lost because everything takes place in one medium. 

Reason 3: Power of automation

Unlike phone calls, you can schedule text messages. Once you compose the message you want to send, you can blast the message at the proper moment. You can save a lot of time since all you need to do is wait until your scheduled message is delivered to the right people. 

Reason 4: Higher chance of people reading your message

Text messaging has an advantage over email marketing too. According to statistics, text messages have a 98 percent open rate compared to the 22 percent chance of emails. 

Once a customer receives a text message, they have to check from whom the message came and what it is about before deciding to ignore or delete the message. Ninety percent of the people who receive the message read it within three seconds. 

In email marketing, customers can automatically delete messages they receive based on the email subject or the message’s sender. If you have a short and quick note to deliver, consider SMS marketing instead. You can even add a call to action to make it more productive at the end of your message. 

Reason 5: Creates better relationships with your customers

Since text messaging is not intrusive, your customers would not feel bad about receiving marketing messages from a business they support. Just make sure to moderate your texting as much as you can and keep your message as concise and straightforward as possible. 

With the right choice of words and timing, customers would see your messages as a friendly reminder. You can even surprise them with exclusive promotional codes to make them feel extra special and convince them to revisit your store or purchase other products. 


People are on their mobile phones all the time. It is the fastest method to reach them. If your goal is to create a non-invasive but more personalized and beneficial experience for your customers, consider utilizing SMS text messaging in your marketing strategies. This method does not require a hefty investment, but it can improve your business’s connection with your customers. 

Should you decide to use automated text messaging with your customers, Main Street Contact can help you. Use text messages to make special announcements or emergency notifications to your customers. Get started for free today!