5 SMS Marketing Ideas to Consider for Your Business

woman sending text message at work
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Many businesses opt for digital marketing in this Internet-driven age to expand their reach and meet their other business goals. Some even mistakenly believe that SMS marketing is no longer as popular or effective as it used to be because many customers now opt to use online platforms. The reality is that mobile marketing is still relevant because both smartphone and non-smartphone mobile consumers can be targeted through this strategy. If you decide to use this method, here are some SMS marketing ideas to consider:

1. Run promos for contests

Every customer wants a chance to win something, whether it is a small yet meaningful freebie or an expensive prize. To promote your contest and encourage people to join, run promos through SMS text messages. 

For example, get mobile audiences engaged by sending a message as simple as, “Want to get a chance to win our free products? Reply by texting WIN to enter our contest!” Another option is to partner with another company to run a joint SMS contest. This way, you can reach each others’ audiences and improve your overall engagement rates.

2. Inform your audience about upcoming sales and other promotions

Holding a flash sale and offering products at discounted prices can boost your sales, but this strategy will surely fail if no one knows about your promotion. Notify your SMS audience about your upcoming sales through text messages. 

For instance, send them messages like the following: “Flash sale starts June 6. Don’t miss out!” or “Hurry! You only have FIVE HOURS LEFT to buy our items at low prices. The sale ends at midnight.” You also have the option to offer to remind your audience about an upcoming sale.

3. Conduct surveys

Sending and receiving text messages allow you to learn more about your customers on a deeper level by conducting text surveys. This tactic will help improve your product or service and build accurate buyer personas. 

Make your questions short and to the point. Here are some examples:

  • Are you likely to buy from us again?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?
  • How would you rate us out of ten?
  • What could we improve on?

4. Send personalized messages 

If you are sending product reminders via email or re-targeted advertising, consider doing the same through text. Note that most people have their phones on them at all times, and they probably check their texts more than their email, making these SMS product reminders more effective. 

One to personalize SMS is to look at your customers’ products added to their online cart or web pages they visited on your website. Consider sending texts like, “Still interested in our product? Only five left. Get yours now. Click this link to buy!” and “Do you still experience back pain? Experience relief and relaxation by booking our massage appointment!”

5. Share exciting company news

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or hit another major milestone, consider sharing this wonderful news with your audience via text messages. This will keep your audience in the loop and serve as a complement to your email newsletter.


SMS marketing is mobile-friendly, cost-effective, and effective in reaching a wide audience. It lets you build strong relationships with your current and potential customers and boosts engagement. Taking advantage of these benefits is possible by following the marketing ideas listed above or using a platform like ours.

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