6 Things That Can Go Wrong With SMS Marketing

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6 Things That Can Go Wrong With SMS Marketing

Over the years, the SMS marketing method has been effective, especially when done right. This is because you don’t want to text blast your clients without a plan and valuable content. Keep in mind that consumers are surrounded by advertisements and marketing techniques that they’ve become experts at tuning them out. You will be surprised at how fast an individual deletes a text the moment they see that it’s from a brand. 

Despite the high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of SMS, the clicks and reads are still not a guarantee that your customers will perform your desired actions. As mentioned, your SMS marketing efforts will only be effective when done right, and one way to do that is to know the many things that could go wrong: 

Producing Long Messages

Long texts will not go well with your target audience, regardless of their age, gender, and status. If you’re not the person they want to hear from, they won’t take the time to read your text, especially if it’s long. This is why you must be mindful of the length of your text. A good tip is to have a specific purpose for your SMS blasts and this can prompt customers to receive them. 

Having No Way Out

Consumers want a choice, especially when you’re promoting something to them. Sending text messages is a delicate process when it comes to promotion because you already have the consumers’ phone numbers. This ultimately means that you need to be polite and avoid sounding invasive. You also need to provide your consumers with an option to opt-out if they no longer want to receive any messages from you. 

Being A One-Way Communication Method

Today, having a personal connection with your customers is crucial in building trust. However, if you tend to send SMS promotions that are only one-way, then you shouldn’t be surprised if the advertisements don’t deliver results. This is why you must have a plan so that you can invest more time to make the message a two-way communication, which will serve as a feedback channel. 

Texting Outside Business Hours

How would you feel if a telemarketer rings your phone in the middle of the night? Not too pleased, right? For this reason, you should avoid sending messages outside business hours, which is usually around 6:00 p.m. onwards. Unless it’s appropriate, such as a text alert for an emergency, leave it for another time when your customers are going about their daily tasks. 

Straying From Brand

Text messaging is intimate that you can even establish a more personal connection through this. Use this opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality through text. Unfortunately, marketers often fail to keep up with the brand tone. Keep in mind that being authentic is crucial here in this stage, and if you’re known as an energetic organization, then make sure that it shows in your messages!

Forgetting To Include A CTA (Call To Action)

Did you know that how you close your messages will determine whether or not your customers will take the next crucial step? Being unable to produce a clear CTA in each message means your audience will not know what to do, which leads to a higher unsubscribe rate. 


Having a solid strategy for your SMS marketing takes time and effort. The good news is that you will gain huge rewards from it to help your business gain success if you do it right. Knowing the common mistakes mentioned above will help you build a strategy that has a higher chance of gaining profits because you know what to avoid! 

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