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All You Need to Know About SMS Marketing

Today, saying that smartphones are a crucial part of everyday lives is just an understatement. With more than half the world’s population having a smartphone in their hands or pockets that they interact with each day, it’s clear that the device in question is more crucial than ever. If Maslow could refine his Hierarchy of Needs, humans’ heightened dependence on their devices would cause him to add “smartphones” into the pyramid right under food and water! 

All applicable exaggerations aside, humans’ rising dependency on smartphones is something that any business must keep in mind when refining their marketing. Since phones are central to modern life as we know it, decision-makers are implored to keep an eye on this ever-strengthening relationship for their future plans, especially with SMS marketing’s continued relevance. 

America’s widespread smartphone phenomenon

Statistics guarantee that SMS marketing is one of the most potentially-lucrative vessels of modern promotion today. 

Based on this Forbes report, 91 percent of Americans always have their smartphones within arm’s reach, which equates to more than 250 million people who spend time looking at their phones each day. In fact, many of these users never let their phones out of their sight even while they sleep!

When it comes to the strategy in question, it’s critical to understand the fact that SMS marketing bears a performance level that speaks for itself. 

Within the past few years alone, reports (such as this one from Oracle) discovered that more than 43 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase when SMS marketing is part of the experience. However, the results don’t stop at purchases alone because up to 98 percent of recipients open and read the messages they get from brands, yielding more room to take up some mental space until a sale is made! 

Understanding the propensity that SMS marketing for success

While it may be easy to see that SMS marketing has proven itself to be a formidable tool that businesses must consider, it’s also vital to understand what makes it effective in the first place. From a neurological standpoint, this marketing’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it banks on the gratifying power that texting bears for the average person. 

When people start texting, they inadvertently cultivate an unrelenting need for satisfaction or emotional rewards because receiving a text causes spikes in dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. Beyond giving enjoyment, text-induced dopamine also causes most people to actively seek gratification while fostering addiction, which explains why we get a rush each time a text comes in. 

Once you understand how messaging works and impacts the selling process, you’ll quickly realize that the ability to create more profit and sales opportunities through text marketing comes from emotional connections. By taking the time to understand SMS marketing on a deeper level and using a tool like Main Street Contact to your advantage, you can position your brand to attract more sales and conversions from customers! 


Effectively marketing your brand is a full-scale effort that can pan out and be carried out in various ways. Yet, no strategy or tool is as apt for success today as SMS marketing. Through this guide’s help, you can cultivate a much deeper understanding of how texts can take your results to the next level and bring in more profit over the long haul! 

With smartphones becoming as essential as food and water for most people, now is the time to capitalize on SMS marketing’s power – this is where our best text messaging service for business in the United States comes in. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can best serve you!