4 Best Benefits of Automated Text Message Marketing

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When it comes to marketing technology, small businesses are frequently left behind. This is usually because many marketing tools are unavailable, too sophisticated, or prohibitively expensive.

However, operating a successful marketing campaign (whether digital or not) does not have to be difficult or expensive. For instance, why would you need to hire a graphic designer, put up a sophisticated email marketing campaign, or spend hundreds of dollars on Google ads?

You need the resources to communicate with consumers most cost-effectively and efficiently. Below, you can learn more about business text messaging. 

Texting Boosts Engagement

One of the reasons text messaging is effective for small businesses is that it is simple. Within an hour, 74% of customers reply to a text from a firm.

Explained, users prefer texting because of its immediate convenience.

Text messaging also improves the accessibility of your company or group. Clients typically prefer to communicate with your company via text messaging rather than email or phone. Being more accessible puts you at the top of your client’s minds when they require your service or product.

Of course, if you want to text your consumers and have high open rates, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Create the appropriate message
  • Expand your contact list
  • Send it at the appropriate time

You may only need a phone number and their name to collect information. Bigger data means more personalization and, as a result, more engagement.

Texting Expands Your Reach and Raises Your Profile

Automated text messaging campaigns scale more easily than email and phone marketing because of this scalability that it’s ideal for expanding your contact list and remaining in touch.

Texting 10,000 contacts vs. calling a list of phone numbers is even easier than calling a list of phone numbers.

There’s just one primary scalability element to think about. What sort of texting number do you wish to use to send and receive text messages? It’s critical to understand the distinction at this point. Long code phone numbers are better for conversational messaging, whereas short code phone numbers are best for mass texting.

Texting Saves Time with Automation

Texting a consumer does not imply using a single burner phone and texting each one individually. With the correct SMS software for small businesses, you can:

  • Schedule text messages in bulk 
  • Create a keyword-based autoresponder
  • Create a text schedule for specific dates and hours

These automated options enable you to reach out to a larger number of consumers. This means you’ll spend less time marketing and more time generating sales. 

Texting Simplifies Personalizing Marketing Messages 

It’s all about offering timely, relevant information in effective marketing. As a result, the more data you have about your clients, the more personalized your marketing communications may be.

For small businesses to succeed with SMS marketing, they must have contact information such as “first name.”

Your text message marketing database should, at the very least, include consumer names, phone numbers, and interests. All of this information is useful for developing a customer-centric conversational marketing strategy.


Text messages aren’t only a quick fix for one-off promotions as they also offer a lot of promise for tying consumers together and forming long-term connections. Customers may need to acclimate to this new communication style at first, but each new message expresses that customer connection once they do. Of course, you have to do this right by looking for the best text messaging service for business! 

Main Street Contact is a web-based platform designed to simplify sending voice and text messages. If you’re looking for automated text messaging, contact us today for more information.