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Payment Text Reminders

Mobile banking is on the rise with a recent study stating that 89% of respondents use it frequently. A mobile-first strategy is driving banks and financial institutions to use various SMS platforms to offer convenience, enhance customer experience and loyalty, and introduce time-saving measures for their organization. Read on to learn how to meet the growing expectations of millennial customers by building strong relationships with direct communication through SMS messaging using Main Street Contact.

While mobile devices offer direct access to your customers, utilise this channel strategically to add value, boost engagement and communicate effectively. Simplified text messages with relevant personalised banking information such as the transaction date, amount and contact details are most effective. Here is a list of templates that can be used for various types of banking activities.

  1. Ace Bank mobile

To download the Ace Bank app, click: http://www.acebank.com/sms 

Std msg & data rates may apply. Txt STOP to Stop, HELP for Help

  1. Please use 879711 as your ABC Bank security code to log in.
  1. Your statement for bank card ending in 4519 is ready for review. Log into your Bank app to review. Thank you. Main St Bank
  1. Fraud Alert: Based on recent activity on your card it is important we speak with you immediately. Please call 1-800-111-2222. Std Bank
  1. Your payment to Acme Co. for $155.00 on 10.05.2020 has been successfully processed. The balance on your account is $545.00. XYZ Bank
  1. Reminder: Your monthly mortgage interest payment of $2,500.00 is due on 11.01.2020. A2Z Bank Group

Payment reminders can be tedious and time consuming, taking up valuable time for your business. SMS reminders can simplify the process with timely and targeted communication, making it a strategic channel for notifications regarding late payments and overdue bills.

Communication with customers must be persuasive with a strong call to action. In the case of payment reminders, the message must be crafted to convey a sense of urgency while abiding by the rules of business texting. Consider the following list of templates for payment reminders.

  1. Your AutoPay for $82.00 for your monthly membership dues was not successful. Please call 905-444-5555 to clear your account. UA Athletic Club
  1. Your policy renewal payment is overdue. Please contact us at 416-123-4567 URGENTLY to discuss payment. A1 Insurance
  1. Hi <Anita>, an amount of <$154.00> for invoice <55612> is outstanding. Please call <416-987-6543>. Good Loans Corp
  1. Notice: Our records show you have missed your last monthly loan payment. Please call <905-120-2001> immediately. Peoples Bank
  1. Your monthly bill for October is available for review at <www.xyzservice.com/billing >. Payment of <$255> is due by 11-15-2020.

Mobile messaging should be a key component of your digital strategy to engage customers, keep them up to date and ensure retention in the long-term. Keeping customers informed and issuing reminders through mobile banking offers your digitally active consumers a personalized service which will translate to increased brand loyalty and commitment in the long-term.