Benefits of Automated Text Messages for Ecommerce Sites

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Benefits of Automated Text Messages for Ecommerce Sites

messaging app

With everything today going automated, how can text messages also be innovative? In today’s marketing world, text messages still help in increasing engagement and open rates. Now that e-commerce businesses are continuously growing, texts are still considered a vital marketing tool in any successful e-commerce site.

What is an automated text message?

Basically, automated text messaging is the system wherein text blasts are sent according to a schedule. This process helps you reach your customers directly on their phones and ensures they do not miss the message. You can craft automated, personalized content or messages that will encourage a response.

So, what are the benefits of automated text messages to a business?

If you own an e-commerce store and various customers are inquiring about a product, responding to them manually can be tricky and challenging. This is where automated text messaging becomes helpful. To know more of its advantages, read on.

1. Customers receive the message instantly

There are no more messages waiting for years in the inbox or spam folder; customers can receive the message instantly. Automated text messaging can provide a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Thus, they are easier to read, making the customers more enticed to check the product and make a purchase.

2. Automated text messaging is cost-effective

Let’s admit it. Boosting posts and launching ads on social media can be costly. But that’s not the case when it comes to SMS marketing. It is actually lower in costs. You can reach a wider audience since you are not geographically limited in sending auto text messages.

3. It’s easier to set up 

Well, you will not need to hire a graphic designer to craft an SMS campaign. Since they are short texts, setting them up is fast and easy. These text messages can be integrated into other channels, so your e-commerce business will reach a wider target market.

4. Open and engagement rates are higher with SMS marketing  

SMS shows higher open and engagement rates compared to emails. This is because SMS is seen to be more personal and does not take a longer time to read and digest.

5. You can integrate it with several other channels

SMS marketing can be more effective when it is integrated with your other marketing channels. Yes, you can send an automated text messaging with your social media, blog, emails, and website content. This is why it will be helpful to utilize a multi-channel tool to ensure higher engagement and conversions.

How do you send automated text messages for advertising?

Once your contact list is organized and complete, you need to sign up for an auto text message service. After uploading your opted contacts, you should prepare your text marketing list along with keywords and sign-up forms. Craft and finalize your automated text message. Make sure to make them simple yet compelling.


Using an automated text messaging for your e-commerce business will help you increase conversions and sales. There are various factors that you need to consider when building an SMS marketing campaign. Will it be a long-term drip campaign? Or, will it be just a one-time offer? Also consider if there are triggers that need to be added if you plan to provide loyalty rewards and personalized messages. Most of all, ensure that you are using a reliable platform to send text messages for your campaign.

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