Best SMS Opt-In Practices to Help Grow Your Subscriber List

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Best SMS Opt-In Practices to Help Grow Your Subscriber List

lady on her smartphone

It is always a good sign for a business when their customers opt-in to receive text messages and notifications about the brand’s new offerings and products. This is a positive indication that there is an increasing market that has a growing interest in the products and offerings that a business offers. However, it is not a good practice to become complacent, even after your opt-in list has grown.

The trick to maintaining and growing your business’s opt-in SMS list is to avoid appearing too pushy about the marketing messages you choose to use. Using attractive incentives to encourage customers to subscribe will also be a great way to get people to opt in for new updates.

This may seem confusing, especially at first. If you are new to implementing marketing and outreach techniques, this blog post is for you! Here we will share the best practices when it comes to SMS opt-in techniques that you can start using today!

Best SMS Opt-In Practices to Help Grow Your Subscriber List

It may be tricky at first, but once you find your groove to reel in new subscribers and potential customers, your business will be sure to see significant growth in the coming years. To help you get started in constructing your SMS marketing strategy, here are some useful tips you can try.

1 – Make Sure to Use Brand-Specific SMS Keywords

This is one creative way to ensure that your customers will be able to opt-in to receive SMS updates and get an idea of the buying behaviors of your target customers. To do this, you may have them opt-in to receiving text message updates using keywords that are specific to your brand or a specific product line.

2 – Offer Discounts and Other Incentives

It pays to make it worth their while to opt-in to receive updates and promotional messages. You can make it interesting for them by offering them discount coupons and special deals if they opt-in to receiving promotional content.

3 – Opt-Out Any Time

There are specific laws that govern SMS marketing strategies. It is important to make sure that you give your customers the option to opt out of the subscription at any time. Including instructions as to how to do this should be included in the marketing message.

4 – Offer Relevant Information

Make sure that the information that you include in your SMS marketing messages is relevant to the product and to your brand. This will help promote your brand identity as well as your products to potential customers that will want to do business with you. 

5 – Quick Responses

Lastly, if you include surveys in the SMS messages you send to your subscriber list, you have to make sure that you will be ready to reply to any of their inquiries in real time. This will show your customers that you value their time and are ready to help them with their concerns.


Gaining new subscribers and adding more people to your subscription list is a sign that your business is steadily growing. However, there is a right way and a wrong one to handle this task. Adhering to the tips mentioned above as well as choosing the right SMS app to use for your business SMS marketing endeavors will help your subscriber list steadily grow in the years to come.

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