crafting sms messages
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Crafting SMS Messages

A well-crafted text message is key to your SMS marketing campaign’s success. Get it right the first time and you could see improved customer engagement and increased sales. 

How do you achieve the best effect?

Consider the following checklist when creating an SMS:

  • The message is short, simple and to the point
  • An addressee may be included to personalize the message
  • Clearly identify your business name in the message
  • The content adds value to the customer
  • A clear call to action (CTA) is part of the message
  • A keyword is included and appears in CAPS
  • Including a link makes it interactive

How do you make this work in a text message?

See examples below of various text messages sent as a welcome message, a promotion, notification or alert.

Welcome Message

Welcome to XYZ Shop’s Mobile Alerts! You’ll receive up to 5 msgs/mth. Click here to get $5 off your next purchase: click.on.myURL. Reply STOP to opt-out.

This welcome message, in response to a subscribing customer, identifies the company (XYZ Shop), clearly states how many text messages they can expect and includes an irresistible offer through an interactive link (click.on.myURL). “Click here” provides a clear CTA.

Hi Sandra, thanks for joining XYZ Shop’s VIP program! TextSUMMER” to 999-999-999 and get 5% off your next purchase.

To opt-out reply STOP.

This personalised message welcoming the customer to a loyalty program identifies the company (XYZ Shop), includes a clear CTA with the word “Text”, and offers value with a discount using the keyword “SUMMER” and shortcode “999-999-999”.

Promotion Message

This week’s special at XYZ Shop: 25% of online purchases. Use code SALE25 at until Sunday. To unsub text STOP.

XYZ Shop’s promotional message includes an offer of a discount within a given timeframe (until Sunday) to create a sense of urgency, a clear CTA with the phrase “Use code”, a keyword (SALE25), and an interactive link (

Notification Message

The appointment notification message below is effective because it is simple, personalised, identifies the sender (Dr. Jacob), includes relevant appointment information to the addressee and has a CTA to arrive early.

Reminder: John. Your dental appointment with Dr. Jacob is tomorrow at 10 AM. Please arrive 5 mins early for COVID19 safety measures. We look forward to seeing you. 

Alert Message

SMS alert messages can be used to stay connected with a customer while an order is being processed. The simple structure of the message below allows the customer to clearly identify the status of their order and complete the transaction with the “Please text” CTA.

Order #1961007. Your order is ready for curbside pickup. Please text “IAMHERE” when you arrive. Thank you. Yourrestaurant.
The bottom line is that text messages are read fast. To grab attention and achieve the best effect you have to be direct while knowing how to add value to your customer and get them to act with a “cannot resist offer” and a sense of urgency. Incorporate Main Street Contact‘s messaging platform into your marketing strategy and we can help you with your promotions, notifications and alerts.