Effective SMS Marketing Tips Restaurants Should Try

restaurant manager texting messaging
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Mobile text message marketing has yielded many successful restaurants encouraging results, generating higher customer turnout. This digital campaign enables customers to get firsthand information at their fingertips. 

Research has shown that eight out of ten customers use their mobile phones to look up the nearest dining establishment to them and obtain basic business details such as operating hours, menus, and locations.

Imagine sending compelling text messages to pique customers’ attention quickly through their mobile phones. Do you see the opportunity of fishing customers easily without spending a fortune?

Though the tool seems easy, SMS marketing can be a complicated and confusing beast. So below is a guide to effectively creating killer SMS marketing strategies for your small restaurant.

Craft Powerful Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) serve as the customer’s driving force to try your menu and go to your restaurant. Without clear, well-thought-out calls to action, customers are likely to disregard your text message, as they are not directed on what to do to find out more about your restaurant. If you take your CTA for granted, you miss the biggest opportunity to communicate to your customers to like and patronage your business. Ultimately, you are counting out potential customers.

One-liner CTAs are the best way to convey your message effectively and impactfully. They can be as simple as “Try our best-seller,” “Use this coupon code,” “Show this message to our server,” and “Follow us on Facebook.”

With specific written directives, customers are guided to take the next step to order from your restaurant. You can be as creative as you want in sending your SMS to your customers to get them hooked more easily. Try observing effective calls to action from successful brands and draw inspiration from them to create yours. 

Appeal to Emotion

In the context of using SMS as your business’s marketing strategy, appealing to emotion means incorporating emotion-provoking elements to trigger customers to patronize your business.

With food as your business’ main product, you attract customers by making them feel that eating the food you serve can do good for them, that they will be satisfied and delighted with your sumptuous meals. Apart from fulfillment as the major emotional element, other emotions to drive them to take action include pride, altruism, greed, shame, fear, and envy. For example, you can advertise your advocacy for feeding underprivileged children and encourage customers to visit your restaurant to support you!

Enable Customers to Allow Receiving SMS from Your Business

The whole idea of utilizing SMS as a cheap but powerful marketing campaign to attract customers will come to naught if you aren’t able to get people to opt-in to receive SMS from your business. Learn from unwise business operators slapped with hefty fines for sending messages to customers without their consent.

To enable them to receive SMS from you, customers can text a keyword to a six-digit number to prompt that their inbox is open. So before sending killer text messages to your customers, enable them to opt-in and play it by the book to avoid facing legal consequences.


SMS marketing can be an extremely effective tool to place your small business in the heart of the restaurant industry, with customer traction and loyalty strategies set in place. SMS allows small restaurants to reach customers instantly with concise, emotion-led, and action-driven messages coming their way through their mobile devices.

Do you want many guests to flock to your small restaurant? SMS marketing can be your best tool! For a text service for small businesses like yours, Main Street Contact can be your enabling partner. Reach us out through email: support@mainstreetcontact.com for more details.