Boost Your Email Marketing by Utilizing SMS Marketing: Here’s How

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Boost Your Email Marketing by Utilizing SMS Marketing: Here’s How

If there is an important fact that you should learn from all the marketing plans that you are developing for your business, it should be the importance of making connections with your customers and target market. Any small business owner who did their research understands the value that email marketing brings. It is a more personal and intimate approach towards your target audience that can lead to better conversion. 

If you want to take this connection deeper, SMS marketing can help you achieve it. While email marketing can be useful on its own, it also has its downsides. People do check their emails but not instantly. If you want to find the fastest route to get people’s attention and effectively direct them to where they should be, a text message can do the trick for you. 

Why Invest in SMS Marketing

People are always on their phones, and text alerts are hard to ignore. If you want to hop on this fact, you can add text messaging to your marketing methods. If you think that social media and other messaging apps already took away the glory from text messaging, that is not entirely true. 

According to a mobile research firm called MobileSQUARED, more than 90 percent of people read the text messages they received within 3 minutes of receiving them. They may not reply to your message immediately, but they will read it, which is more critical in SMS Marketing. This research proved that text messaging is not yet dead and that you can use it to your brand’s advantage. 

How SMS and Email Marketing Will Make It Work for You

If you are curious about how the two will work together, here are what you should know:

  • Both platforms can give you the power to send the message right away to all your contact list.
  • Both platforms encourage two-way communication, which is vital in every business. 
  • They complement each other. SMS is perfect for making short, important announcements, while they can view the complete information through your email. 
  • The majority of phones nowadays have access to text messages and email applications, making communication effective and efficient. 

How to Utilize SMS in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Here are some tips on how you can make the integration work for your business:

  • Seek permission first – The last thing you want is to appear like a stalker or a spam messenger to your valued customers. You need to ask their permission first, like what you did when beginning your email marketing journey. Prepare a template message to ask if they will permit you to send valuable messages to their personal number. Some companies ask their customers to reply with a shortcode to confirm whether they want to receive the message or decline the offer. 
  • Know your limit – Like the old Twitter, a text message has a character limit, at least in SMS marketing. It is challenging yet beneficial too. It limits your message but ensures that you have the right amount of words that will not bore your audience and ensure that they read through everything. It also invites you to be creative in delivering your message by sticking with what is catchy, clear, and essential. You can always lead them to your email if they want to learn more. 
  • Find the right frequency – Do not be a spammer. Remember that you are not your customer’s text mate, so limit the number of times you will send a message.


SMS service can complement your email marketing plans if you only know how to make them work together. Allow text messages to serve as your teaser to lead people to check more details via your email message. If you want a more effective way to manage your business promotions, consider investing in these two. 

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