Engage the Youth Boosting Your Ministry with a Texting Service

Youth texting on a phone
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As a pastor, you are accountable not just to feed the sheep with the Word of God but to continually develop a sense of community and fellowship. However, one size does not fit all, especially in generational ministries. We all know that the youth ministry is probably the most challenging age group to reach, as their ways of expression and communication constantly change depending on the trend. 

No matter what’s trending in communication and engagement, you still need a robust follow-up system to keep the young people in your church connected. This age group is the most vulnerable. With the rising cases of depression, even suicide, it is high time to invest and prioritize a robust messaging system that prevents anyone from falling into the cracks. 

The good news is, you can get church text messaging services that you can optimize for youth ministry. A texting service allows you to send messages to everyone in your ministry all at once. The beauty of a texting service is that you can do mass texting and one-on-one texting simultaneously. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

Why the Young Generation Is a Texting Generation

The young generation is a texting generation, sending a whopping 3,339 texts per month. You might wonder what they send with all those texts, but this is so common for them and a primary way to express themselves and connect with the world around them. 

Unlike older generations, teenagers prefer texting over calling. Even though it is frightening that kids prefer texting over phoning or receiving a call, we must recognize that this is their language and interact with them on their level.

Texting is the primary way of communication for today’s adolescents. It puts you in touch with their closest friends and relatives.

Benefits of a Youth Ministry Texting Service

Texting isn’t only for teenagers anymore; it’s a powerful marketing tool for churches worldwide. It’s a great way to communicate with your youth ministry for various reasons, especially when you need to reach them quickly.

Here are some other benefits of using a youth ministry texting solution today:

You Can Keep Your Youth Stirred Up in Faith 

Sundays aren’t enough to encourage and teach your church. You must follow up throughout the week when they are more likely to be challenged. 

It is the greatest opportunity to remind them of the Word they heard during regular weekend services. It keeps people active in their religion and able to encourages family and friends.

You Can Keep Communications Open for Counselling

Open communication with your youth can help them feel more comfortable discussing their lives with you, especially when they need guidance. Counseling is not easy, especially for the youth. 

For those who are lonely, lonely, confused, or even have amazing stories to tell, keep a texting service going that lets them know you are there to listen and preach God’s Word!

You Can Keep The Youth Updated with Event Reminders, Recruitment, and Volunteer Opportunities

Even shy young people like being a part of a group of like-minded individuals. Even if it’s simply online these days, the community has so much power that the Bible tells us not to neglect it.

With a text message service, you may alert the youth about events they could join, and those with a passion for service can be recruited by creating volunteer opportunities to participate.

When you’re continually messaging people, it helps your membership. Take into consideration how many more friends and family members you could reach if each passionate teen reaches out to others. It will increase your church’s influence and impact on the community.

You Can Strengthen Discipleship Efforts Through Text Messaging

Since evangelism is not the end of the Great Commission but discipleship, you need to utilize all platforms available to keep your discipleship efforts strong. 

Especially these days that the pandemic restricts our ability to meet face to face, you need to add text messaging services to echo discipleship nuggets to your young people, no matter if you’re not able to see them regularly. 


Mass text messaging is an excellent approach to communicate with your congregation, even if other methods are available. The degree of church engagement, particularly among your young, will increase if you implement this easy message solution into your church communications strategies.

This communication strategy should employ audience segments to communicate with subgroups inside your church. Because of today’s rapidly changing and challenging times, it should be an essential part of your church communications plan today.

Main Street Contact is a web-based platform providing the best text messaging service for churches, so you can rest assured that your follow-up and engagement campaigns are on point. A solid follow-up service like ours can help you make sure none of your congregants feels left out, thus strengthening the community you have built with ease. Reach out to us today!