Key Features to Look for in a Mass Texting Service

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Texting service providers, also known as SMS gateways, help businesses connect with customers and send text messages in bulk. The service has gained popularity because of its high open rate (98%). To find the best texting service, you must consider several features. In this article, we’ll tell you what features to look for in a mass texting service.

Key Features to Look for in a Mass Texting Service

1 – Message Templates

Bulk texting has the potential to drive the growth of your business. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase attendance, convert more leads, and boost revenue. However, to be successful, you must first create a template that contains the content of the SMS. A good bulk texting service will provide you with ready-to-use templates that you can customize for your business.

2 – Deliverability Rate

A good bulk texting service provider should guarantee a high deliverability rate. You must know the service standards and what measures they take to ensure that the texts reach the recipients. You can also check the report of your previous campaigns to see if they really delivered the texts.

3 – Customer Support

The bulk texting service you choose must also provide you with excellent customer support. The service should be accessible 24/7 for your convenience. You can get in touch with them even if you want to learn more about the service or you need assistance.

4 – Automation Features

Another feature that we highly recommend is automation. This feature saves you a lot of time and effort. It automatically sends out the texts and manages the delivery report.

5 – Reports

To make use of the SMS service, you need to know how many texts have been delivered, when they have been delivered, and the status is of your SMS. The bulk texting service should provide you with this information as well as a list of the replies and unsubscribes.

6 – Personalization Features

Some bulk texting services enable you to personalize your texts. You can add images, emoticons, and GIFs to make the text more appealing. You can also use keywords that trigger a specific action.

7 – Contact Management

A good bulk texting service will let you manage your contacts. You must be able to create a list of contacts, although a small number of contacts is acceptable. You can segment your contacts and categorize them by selecting the features that are most relevant to you.

8 – Cost

Finally, we should not forget the pricing. Generally, the price depends on the number of texts you send and the number of contacts you have. It is better to use a service that lets you know the cost of sending each text.


If you want to be successful in your campaign, you must take your time to look for a bulk texting service that meets your needs. You should look for a service that is affordable and flexible, with reliable features and features to make your work easier. Think about your business and what features you need. This simple decision can make your business grow in a very short time.

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