Main Street Contact Features

​Cutting-edge Technology, ​Our Capabilities

Here at Main Street Contact, we have sculpted a wide range of features to help you send a text or voice broadcast with greater ease. We offer the newest functionalities and are constantly adding new value-driven tools to our system.


Personalized Messages

With our voice recording system, easily record a custom message or upload a pre-recorded message at your convenience.

Mass texting

With Main Street Contact, send personalized messages to your opted-in contacts, whether its 1 or 1,000 people.


Our system is safeguarded, and any information will not be shared.

Free SMS Keywords​

Keywords are free with Main Street Contact, no matter which plan you’re on. If you’re on the Free Trial, we’ll also include a demo keyword for you to utilize our SMS broadcasting services.

Reports and Analytics

We provide easy to read reports and analytics for you to get better with each campaign.


​With TTS capabilities, you can write a message and have it played via phone recording to your contacts.

Scheduled Messaging

Your customers can get connected with a live representative from your organization at the push of a button.

Voice Recording

With our voice recording system, easily record a message or upload a pre-recorded message at your convenience.

Import Contacts

Have an existing list already? You can easily import your opted-in contacts into our contact management system and message them instantly!



Detect when a call has not been answered and has been sent to the answering machine/voicemail box. You can preset a message to be left in the voicemail so your message gets across!

Push to repeat

Your contacts can listen to your message again if they missed it the first time.

Push to leave a message

Adding this option into your broadcast lets your contacts leave a message that you can listen to from the platform.

Recurring Messages

Send messages on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly. This is perfect for sending out those meeting reminders.

Single-Question Polls

Record your question and the options into your broadcast that your contacts can answer straight from through their phone.

Text Polls

Generate customer engagement and get instant feedback by setting up multiple-choice polls with your customers.