How Gyms Use Automated Text Messages for Client Retention

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Reminders, follow-ups, and feedback can be some of the most manual aspects of client retention—but they’re still crucial parts of engagement. Automating these tasks with text messaging can save time wasted on phone tags that may happen all the time.

For gym businesses in particular, booking, reminding, and following up on bookings are crucial tasks that guarantee members maintain their appointments. They allow members to follow through on their commitment and, in the case that they cannot, free up room for someone else who may want their slot. Utilizing automated texting campaigns to deliver appointment reminders can quickly reduce no-shows with helpful prompts.

You can streamline the process by providing essential information in the text and a trackable link that enables recipients to reschedule appointments at any time. This will also guarantee utmost transparency in notifying gym members to schedule changes, class waitlist requests, and last-minute adjustments with trainers.

Wondering what automated text messages can do for gym client retention? Here are some ideas:

1. Send Reminders for Training Sessions

No-shows are among the most frequent and avoidable costs that any company may encounter. Lessen them as cheaply and efficiently as possible by delivering a friendly text reminder. Text messages are a more effective method to contact customers than phone calls, and they’re six times more likely to be read than emails.

Establish a 24-hour refund policy to recoup a portion of the cost incurred by no-shows. Last-minute walk-ins, on the other hand, may be challenging and need extra admin tasks from your employees. If members do not feel appropriately notified, they may be irritated by the extra price. Keeping track of all messages sent will allow you to easily show that the client had enough time to reschedule if necessary.

2. Use 1-on-1 Messaging for Queries and Concerns

Some users will simply utilize a supplied weblink to reschedule their appointments with a few mouse clicks. Others, though, will have additional concerns. They might ask if a time could be pushed back a few minutes or earlier, or maybe they have a whole other question. With 1-on-1 chat messaging capabilities, you can resolve any problems quickly and effectively. It can also reduce administrative difficulties for your front desk.

3. Announce Last Minute Changes with Real-Time Text Prompts

Sometimes, last-minute adjustments occur as some favorite trainers and instructors will get ill at the last hour or encounter unanticipated problems. The earlier you can notify members and customers, the better.

Many individuals plan their days around a particular appointment, teacher, or personal trainer. Whether they have been scheduled for a single class or a trainer session, they may wish to make other arrangements in the case of a sub. Avoid the risk of upsetting gym members by making them rush to the gym just to find out they aren’t attending the class they signed up for.

4. Remind Clients about Class Sign-Ups

Some gym courses are so popular that individuals get up early the day before to guarantee that they can take a spot. These courses can quickly sell out when they go on sale. What makes it challenging is that those members who did not make it might get disappointed that there are spots available because a member fails to cancel.

That can happen, mainly when listed members deal with emergencies. If this occurs, other members will soon grow frustrated if they can’t fill the vacant slots. That may rapidly wreak havoc on your brand.

Send friendly automated SMS reminders to members if they will pursue or have plans to cancel the course promptly to be considerate to others. Consider implementing consequences on individuals who frequently skip a class for which they have signed up, such as removing sign-up rights for a few days.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a solid connection with your gym members requires regular engagement and outreach. Automated text messages may be effective on their own or as part of a larger marketing plan. It can be used to promote deals, keep members from leaving, and establish connections with your members regularly. It may also customize member experiences to keep your gym business on top of their minds.

Through our web-based platform, Main Street Contact offers an effective text messaging service for small business announcements to help your gym business thrive. Contact us now to learn about the ease of generating good outcomes by using automated text messaging!