How Hospitals Use Text Messaging To Work Through the Pandemic

Hospital floor
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How Hospitals Use Text Messaging To Work Through the Pandemic

Hospital floor

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries, but most especially the healthcare sector. It seemed like out of nowhere, a tiny virus has made its way from country to country, putting a halt to the typical routine of healthcare facilities. Because of that, medical professionals and establishments were forced to pull out all the stops to fight the coronavirus and keep the public safe. 

One of the steps healthcare facilities took to recover includes focusing their efforts on building their financial stability during the pandemic. This means the medical industry should respond effectively and adapt to rapid challenges while keeping patients, staff, and the public safe as possible. With the emergence of countless vaccines, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

However, amid the pandemic’s chaos, communication has become vital in operations, care, and safety concerns, making text messaging a crucial communication platform. That’s why emerging tools that provide support text message services make it possible to schedule reminders, send blast messages, and automate text messaging like Zoom Talk Text. 

Because text messaging has become an invaluable tool for many healthcare facilities over the past year, it’s only right to stay on the same track so you can enhance coordination and improve response efforts. Here are some of the ways text messaging is helping hospitals work through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Helps Manage Case Volume

One of the things that hospitals need to prepare for during the pandemic is the surge of COVID-19 patients. Because of the volume of patients coming into the facilities, the expenses and demand for supplies have constantly increased, pushing disruptions in the labor market and operations slowdown. 

With the help of text messaging services, hospitals can manage case volume because scheduling cases, reminders, and tasks are much easier. Besides that, text messaging allows patients to reschedule or postpone appointments and schedule other routine services, such as lab tests, imaging, and therapy. 

Vaccine Rollout

One of the newer ways text messaging is being used in the medical industry is through vaccine distribution. Now that vaccines are being rolled out to the community, healthcare establishments use text messaging services to send out emergency use authorizations, survey stakeholders, provide relevant information, and coordinate vaccine administration. 

Pre-Screening, Telehealth, and Virtual Care

Hospitals use text messaging to help perform pre-screening, especially when they’re feeling unwell or experiencing some COVID-19 symptoms. This is particularly helpful, especially when patients can isolate and recover at home because medical staff can easily connect and check-up on them hourly. 

Additionally, because many patients would rather stay in their homes to avoid contracting the virus, healthcare providers have leaned on virtual service to support social distancing efforts while providing high-quality healthcare services. Through text messaging, doctors can set virtual appointments and consultations. 

Contact Tracing

One of the most vital steps to help limit the spread of the coronavirus is through contact tracing. Hospitals have utilized text messaging services to support contact tracing efforts by sending automated messages to patients after seven to 14 days, following an in-person visit to the hospital. They do this to check whether the patient is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or if they have recovered. 

The Bottom Line: Hospitals Have Found a New Appreciation for Text Messaging Services

Because of the pandemic, more hospitals and healthcare establishments are using text messaging services to enhance communication among peers and patients. And since hospitals have received countless benefits from text messaging, there’s every reason to believe that hospitals will continue to use text messaging solutions to help overcome COVID-19 and public healthcare challenges. 

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