How SMS Marketing Can Drive Traffic to Your Car Business

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Text messaging is one of the most effective ways to do so. SMS marketing is not as grand as billboards or commercials, but it can ensure your intended audience receives and sees the message you delivered. 

Compared to another personal marketing strategy, email marketing, with an average open rate of 23 to 33 percent, SMS marketing has an average open rate of 99 percent. After all, people are on their phones almost all the time. Also, reading through SMS is easier for them than browsing through email. 

If this is something you have wanted to try to drive sales for your car dealership, here are some tactics you can try:

Tip 1: Use Keywords or QR Codes

Keywords are not only helpful in SEO but SMS marketing as well. However, the keywords used here are not the same as the keywords in search engines. In this case, keywords refer to short words the audience could quickly associate with your business. Since you must keep your SMS short and simple, you can encourage them to read more through your code or keyword. 

For example, allowing them to input keywords like “BUYCARS” into an app or website can allow them to retain and remember your business. At the same time, using short and easy-to-remember keywords makes instructions easy to follow and understand. 

Tip 2: Send Group Messages

If you have many existing contacts, you can categorize them into groups and make your life easier. The grouping could help you customize the content they receive. Through groupings, you can provide the content or announcements they are most likely to appreciate. Doing this can also prevent them from getting annoyed by random messages. 

If you understand their interests, you could tailor a message specifically for them. Sending this message to groups can make the job easier instead of sending the message to all individually. 

Tip 3: Add Images 

SMS marketing is not only inclusive of text messages. You can also add an enticing image to trigger people’s interests—through MMS. This tactic could be helpful. Any beautiful image could immediately draw people’s curiosity and attention, which is the primary objective of SMS/MMS marketing. 

What is even better is that there is no limit to how many photos you can share with other people. You can try sending close-up shots of the car and its main features to make your promo more convincing.

Tip 4: Answer Questions Quickly

If you want the interest to turn into conversion, you need to be attentive and answer queries promptly. Since you are using is SMS, exchanging messages with potential customers is easier, and it is one perk that you should take advantage of.


Marketing car dealerships and promotions can be challenging, but you can unlock all of the possibilities if you find the right platform where your target market is. People are on their phones all the time so that you can give this a shot. If you have not tried SMS marketing yet, now is your chance to try it. As long as you have the directory of contacts and their permission, you have a chance of convincing them to purchase through your SMS marketing tactics. 

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