How SMS Marketing Can Help You With Customer Retention

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How SMS Marketing Can Help You With Customer Retention

All businesses, regardless of size, must focus on the creation of strategies to improve their customer retention. After all, while gaining new customers is definitely a plus, the bulk of profit lies with customers you’ve already gained!

One of the most popular techniques many use is the introduction of customer loyalty programs. This business strategy allows the customer and the business to learn more about each other, fostering a relationship that builds upon trust. Through this relationship, the customer gets rewards for visiting the store or buying more often—helping them get more acquainted with the brand and what they offer even more. 

A loyalty program is a proven and effective method—however, it will require you to exert more effort to keep it going. It may be a marketing tactic on its own, but it still needs additional support to make it more productive. 

To augment your efforts, consider adding text message support to your loyalty program. Having reminders, discounts, and insider information to get straight into your customer’s inbox will give them a new and engaging experience!

How to Maximize Your SMS Marketing 

Here are some things to keep in mind when proceeding with your text message marketing service:

1. Remember Your Purpose

Before enticing your customers to join your text messaging service, you might have promised them discounts, perks, or store incentives. Do not forget about these promises if you want to build better rapport with your customers! Make sure that you will follow through and provide them exactly what they are expecting. 

Keeping this purpose in mind will help you when planning your SMS marketing campaigns. By remembering this, you are guided on what actions you should take and what ideas you should not consider. 

2. Know Who You Are Talking To

Every business targets different demographics. Make sure you know your audience to ensure that you will use the right voice and tone that they will understand. 

For example, if you target young groups of people, maybe adding emojis to your messages or employing the use of memes will help keep them interested in reading your messages. If your business caters to the elderly, a simple and straightforward message will do. 

3. Make Sure to Promote Your Program

Providing your customers with the perks and benefits you promised is a move you should not miss—but do not forget to promote your business in the process too. Add a short message in your SMS that will lead them to like or follow your social media pages or visit your store or website. Every relationship is two-way, so make sure you benefit as well!

4. Learn to Segment and Customize

As your audience base gets bigger, learn to segment them according to their needs and wants. You can also be creative and segment them according to the frequency of visit or the type of your established relationship. This way, sending customized messages will be a piece of cake; after all, a simple custom message will help make your customers feel valued and cared for. 

If you have excess inventory you want to use for promotions, you can alert those frequent buyers of the product about an exclusive sale or choose to give it away for those contacts who interact less with your business. Placing people into groups will help speed up your work—so take time to do this! 


Use SMS marketing to support your store’s promotional activities and campaigns. It is the best medium to connect with them on a more personal level! Through it, you can let your consumers know about your exclusive efforts and keep them updated about the comings and goings of your business. 

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