Leveling Up Your Post-Purchasing Marketing with Text

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Text messaging has become a communication phenomenon. Before its development, it used to take forever to receive and send messages to your loved ones from far away. Now, it only takes a few seconds to ask how they are, and you can even have hour-long conversations even when apart! 

No matter how much society progresses or technology advances, nothing can replace text messaging. There are other alternatives to it, such as instant messaging, but text messaging remains a vital part of communicating today!

OMG, Text Messaging Is Vital to Business?

If you want your business to succeed, you need to use every available tool—and when we say every tool, we mean it! 

Print, social media, email, telephones, you name it—there are many avenues in which you can promote your business and gain loyal customers. The more varied your marketing and advertising efforts are, the more likely you will be able to increase your sales and improve your brand. But aren’t you missing one more tool?

Don’t forget about text marketing! It may not be as elaborate as videos or as eye-catching as print advertisements, but texting can help you effectively market your business. Since Americans spend most of their time on their phones, you can be sure that you’ll get to deliver the message across. 

Besides promoting your product or service, text messaging also plays an integral part in post-purchase marketing.

ICYMI: Post-Purchase Marketing Matters!

Converting leads to customers takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of focusing all of your efforts on acquiring new customers, why not pay attention to the clients you already have? 

Your relationship with your customers is crucial to your company’s success; you need to ensure that your customer has a positive experience, from them buying, right down to after they have purchased your product or service. You can’t just forget about them once you got what you wanted—you can’t increase your sales without repeat customers after all! 

Post-purchase behavior—the way your client thinks, feels, and acts after buying your product—must not be ignored. Your customers can be pretty sensitive after purchasing and feel anxious after spending their money. This is your opportunity to influence how they feel about their purchase!

BTW, You Can Use Text for Post-Purchase Marketing

First impressions last, but so does every other interaction after! You need to ensure that your customer is happy during every step of the buying process, especially after the purchase. 

So, how can you improve their post-purchase experience? Simple: by texting them! 

Post-purchase texts do a lot more than you think—through this method, you can encourage your customers to feel good about what they bought, combat buyer’s remorse, and increase the chances of them purchasing from you again.

Here are a few ways you can send post-purchase text messages:

1. A Thank You Text

You can set up automated text messaging, so your customers always receive a thank you after every purchase. 

A simple thanks goes a long way! Showing gratitude to your customers shows that you care about their experience. Besides thanking them, you can also include proof of transaction for peace of mind and provide them with the following steps.

2. Some Instructions and Tips

Always assume that your customer knows very little about your product! You should send instructions and product tips, such as demonstrations or links to instruction videos, to make it easier for them to use the product. Doing this also shows that you care for them even after buying, which improves brand loyalty.

3. A Feedback Request

Asking what your customers think shows that you strive to learn from your shortcomings to improve your product or service further. Not only will they feel included and valued, but you will also gain more understanding regarding how your customers feel and think of buying from you.

TL;DR—The Bottom Line

Post-purchase marketing shouldn’t be ignored! You need to invest in post-purchase texting if you want to have repeat purchases and increase your number of repeat customers. You don’t have to worry about manually texting each customer; many SMS services provide automated text messaging to ensure that every customer receives a message after buying.

Improve your post-purchase marketing with Main Street Contact! We are a powerful web-based platform that was created to help you send voice and text messages with ease. All it takes is a few easy steps, and then you can leave the rest to our automated text messaging service. Signup for free today!