Marketing 101: Do Modern Consumers Still Take Phone Calls?

woman on the phone
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Technology has a considerable impact on consumer behavior which can be seen in different aspects. For one, modern consumers are more demanding of service providers. This is why quality customer service is among the top priorities for conversions. To survive in today’s economy, immediate responses paired with effective solutions is the key.

The Role of Text Messaging in Customer Engagement

Smartphones have blended the convenience of having a laptop in your hand. While they’re technically phones, not many users actually use these devices for their traditional functions. In fact, over 68 percent of smartphone users admit to using smartphones for texts over calls. This preference has a vital impact on marketing opportunities for business owners.

The preference for messaging is a vital statistic that helps businesses learn more about their target demographic. By catering marketing strategies around this behavior, marketers can find better ways to bring leads down to sales funnels.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should shift your efforts to text messaging.

Immediate Notification

While email marketing is a preferred strategy for marketing purposes, it’s not always the preferred option for today’s consumers. This is why many service providers offer email and text message notifications for essential updates such as:

  • Purchase Confirmations
  • Subscription notices
  • Invoices
  • Delivery Statuses

The timeliness of these messages allows consumers to stay on the go without pausing to check their email for long messages. Also, these updates can be received even without an internet connection.


People use phones for different things, thanks to the versatility of smartphone technology. Since it’s practically a miniaturized laptop, a smartphone can run apps catering to various functions. It can be used for business apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and more. Additionally, many people use it to watch videos or play games during their downtime.

Unfortunately, smartphones can’t provide windows for several apps simultaneously. Although some smartphones have this split-window function, it’s not the best way for multi-tasking. For this reason, phone calls can be intrusive for users doing other activities.

If you want to catch your potential leads in a good mood, you should consider their availability. This is why scheduled calls work better than surprise engagements. To achieve this, you must first offer communication through a message. These messages can be viewed at any time without disrupting your potential leads’ current actions with their phones.


The traditional strategy of cold calling has cultivated a negative reputation over the years. The constant nuisance from telemarketers is not just untimely; it’s also invasive of an individual’s personal space. Some people aren’t as receptive to calls than others. Additionally, calls can be left on voice mail and ultimately disrupt your lead generation strategy.

With text messaging, you’re more capable of delivering your sales pitch. It also lets you display your value for potential leads without spending too much time on the line. Instead of forcing them to take a call, leaving a short message with your contact details is a more efficient way to engage with potential customers.


While phone calls aren’t completely without their advantages, today’s fast-paced economy demands practicality above all. For this reason, it’s best to use phone calls at the end or beginning of your sales funnels, if at all. If you want to cater to today’s modern consumers, you must make the shift to text messaging in your marketing channels and sales funnels.

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