Communicate effectively with patients and employees by using our text and voice messaging services.

Scheduled Text and Voice Messaging Service for Health Care & Medical Offices

Working in the health care industry, it’s probably very common and extremely frustrating to have patients miss their appointments- all because they didn’t pick up your call. With Main Street Contact, you can automate your appointment reminders and manage all your conversations within the platform- so you know that it was Bill who wanted to reschedule his appointment and Sandy who would be 5 minutes late to hers. It’s also more convenient for your patients to open a text reminder than receive a call in the middle of the day. 

Main Street Contact can assist every type of business and producing great cost-effective and sales maximizing results. This technology can revolutionize the way you currently contact your customers and here’s why:

Improve Customer Service

You can use Main Street Contact to send your patients with reminders for their appointments or general tips to stay healthy. These messages can contribute to improving your patients’ opinion of your clinic.

Preventing Missed Appointments

Text messages have a 98% open rate, so your patients are more likely to read your scheduled text reminders instead of answering your call. You can schedule a minder message days before an appointment, then follow up on the day of- and all of this can be done the moment that appointment is scheduled. Not only can this boost your attendance rate, but our platform can reduce your cost of contact, which saves you both time and money.

Rescheduling Appointments

Using Main Street Contact Chat, not only can you send out reminder messages but you can also communicate with each patient one-on-one all within the platform. This way, if a patient needs to schedule their appointment, they can just respond to the text and you can now fill in what would have been an empty timeslot with another patient increasing your office’s efficiency.

Send Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Use Main Street Contact to get patient feedback. Feedback is always valuable in helping to provide a better service. Using our polling feature, you can conduct customer feedback surveys through Voice or Text. You can also send links to a web survey as well! In these messages, just remember to leave out any patient details to preserve confidentiality. We want you and your patients to have their privacy protected.