Mobile Text Marketing: What Benefits Can You Get from It?

Person text messaging
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Mobile Text Marketing: What Benefits Can You Get from It?

Person text messaging

Technology has taken great leaps in the past few decades, and it has dramatically improved the way business operations are done. For example, mobile technology has forever changed marketing as companies can reach their customers digitally and even build loyalty through mobile-first strategies.

But just how powerful is mobile text message marketing? In this article, we will share seven ways it can benefit your business:

It Has a Higher Open Rate Compared to Email

One of the many benefits of SMS marketing is that you can be sure that your customers get to read your content. Customers open 98% of the texts sent upon receiving them, and that open rate is higher than other marketing approaches. 

Compared to emails, many of which land in the spam folder or get deleted before getting opened, text messages are always read by the recipient promptly. So, if you want your content to reach your audience for sure, send it through an SMS!

It Is Cost-Effective

Compared to other marketing strategies, SMS marketing is considerably cheaper than other approaches, such as Facebook ads. Sending messages to all your customers wouldn’t cost you much, which is why it’s an excellent choice for small startups that don’t have much marketing funds just yet. 

It Allows You to Reach a Wider Demographic

Social media and email marketing can effectively reach many people, but they miss out on the demographic that only uses SMS for communication. Some rarely check their emails, and others still don’t have social media accounts, but everybody uses SMS. Everyone who has a mobile phone, be it a smartphone or a basic phone, can receive text messages. As long as your customer has a mobile device, they can be reached by your text message marketing campaign!

It Does Not Require Any Wait Times

As you should know, sending an SMS takes a second to get delivered, meaning you won’t have to wait at all for your customers to receive your message. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing because, unlike other methods like newsletters that take time to design and print, all you need to come up with for SMS marketing is the text you want to send.

It Can Help Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Through text messaging, you get to engage with your customers, and they will also appreciate the fact that they can reach out to you whenever needed. In a way, it makes your customers feel that you are more than a brand or a business that they buy from. You’ll also be remembered easier when they can contact you through their mobile phone, which they always have with them.

On top of that, you can use SMS to follow-up with customers and ensure that they are satisfied with your services or products. Doing so can help build loyalty and encourage positive customer reviews.

It Is Flexible

No one can deny the versatility of SMS as a marketing tool. You can use it for any purpose, whether that’s to offer an exclusive discount, promote new products, or even announce an upcoming event and more! 

It Can Boost Your Sales

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to increase sales, and SMS can help you achieve that goal. SMS marketing can indeed encourage repeat business and boost your sales when you send personalized and targeted messages based on your customers’ preferences and interests. You can also use SMS to deliver discount coupons or remind them of limited-time-only sales, which will help urge them to make purchases!


All of the benefits mentioned above show you just how effective mobile text message marketing can be for businesses in today’s modern era. Don’t believe those who say that SMS pales in comparison to social media or that it is already outdated. Even if SMS is a more traditional approach, it can still deliver exceptional results, and using it as a marketing tool has more advantages than disadvantages!

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