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What You Should Know about Mobile Voice Messaging

If you need to connect with your customers in a more personal way, or you need to deliver a time-critical message to a large group, voice messaging makes this possible with a click of a button using Main Street Contact’s automated voice messaging service.

While mobile marketing may generally be dominated by SMS messaging, voice broadcasting is an equally effective tool and can be used in combination with a text marketing campaign to communicate promotions to drive traffic and generate sales. Other key uses for voice messaging are appointment reminders, cancellations, updates, employee communication and surveys to collect data and feedback.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost-effective and affordable. You can place calls with unlimited contacts for a low fee with no long-term commitment or added charges.
  • Easy to use. With Main Street Contact, voice messaging is completely automated, interactive, easy to schedule and convenient to use.
  • Customizable. Messages can be personalized and created specifically for unlimited sub-groups or segmented lists of contacts.
  • Versatile. Voice messaging accommodates customers who may prefer more personal-based communication and does not require the end-customer to immediately answer the call, leaving a message on voicemail.

How do you get started?

  • Follow local voice broadcasting regulations

Voice broadcasts are regulated by the CRTC in Canada  and the FTC in the US. These rules specify the timing of calls, content and where calls can be made. Familiarise yourself with the rules to comply with federal, provincial or state limitations.

  • Create a list of phone numbers

Customers must consent to receiving voice broadcasts via an online opt-in form allowing you to compile a list of subscribers. Customers must also have the option of opting-out or unsubscribing should they choose to do so at a later date.

  • Create your script

Create customized messages and pre-record them using Main Street Contact’s built-in recording system in the platform. If you are broadcasting similar messages frequently, having pre-loaded messages on hand will save you time and allow you to quickly distribute to your contact list when required.

  • Analyze results

Use Main Street Contact’s reporting features to monitor performance metrics and collect data on successful calls. Tracking your results is key to determining response rates and the return on investment for your voice messaging campaign.

Voice messaging is a powerful mobile marketing tool that ensures instant, consistent, and cost-effective wide-distribution messaging. Voice broadcasting is flexible and customizable, allowing for streamlined small-capacity or large-capacity messaging. Your business can take full advantage of all the benefits of mobile marketing by using voice messaging in tandem with an SMS marketing campaign.