Increase awareness and event attendance, get more donations, and coordinate volunteers with automated text & voice messages.

Scheduled Text and Voice Messaging Service for Non-Profits

The world is changing and most non-profits understand that to be a part of that movement, they have to change with it. The way organizations are managed today differs vastly from the way it was managed ten years ago & scheduled, automated messaging is the way to go. SMS (Short Message Service) is a way of instantly communicating with a larger audience in a very short span of time. Text messaging has been found to be the preferred channel of communication compared to email and statistics show that text messaging is used daily and responded to almost immediately at a rate of 98%. Voice messages are an effective way to communicate longer messages to your customers.

How can Text and Voice Messaging Benefit Non-Profit Organizations

The aim of a non-profit organization is to reach clients, establish a connection, develop a relationship, and provide a service. Non-profit organizations have been very skillful in using marketing methods including magazines and direct marketing. Automated voice and text messaging should be used as well since you can get quicker results to wider reach at a lower cost. Main Street Contact can help non-profits communicate instantly with their target market. Text and voice messaging is a great way to engage donors, thank supporters, and send reminder messages. The beauty of SMS marketing is that it can easily be integrated into existing marketing models in a cost-effective and timely manner.