Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel by Incorporating SMS

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Even though modern marketers can and should work with a variety of channels, SMS remains a handy tool for increasing conversions. Almost everyone owns a cell phone, and most people spend a significant amount of time on it. As a result, SMS marketing has a high degree of engagement.

Even though SMS marketing can be pretty powerful, many organizations underestimate its importance when preparing their strategy. Some marketers decide to focus their efforts on other channels and ignore the benefits of this approach, while others are often afraid to use it. We are here to ensure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

How to Use SMS for Your Marketing Funnel

We have outlined some of the best SMS practices so that you can figure out where to focus your marketing efforts.

  • Utilize Triggered Messages

The easiest method to target your audience is to use their interactions with your brand as a starting point. Triggered messages allow you to give a tailored experience to your customers, resulting in increased sales. You can send SMS with relevant offers to people who buy your products and even leverage the location of your potential customer. If you own a restaurant chain, for example, you can recommend restaurants in the area.

  • Stick to the Guidelines

To ensure that your emails do not go to spam, we urge that you familiarize yourself with the rules. We recommend that you only send messages to people who have given their consent to receive them from your company.

  • Customize Your Messages

Personalized interactions are more engaging for recipients and hence more effective. We advocate appropriately segmenting your audience and asking them what types of updates they’d want to receive. Nobody will be irritated by your messaging, and they will be more likely to convert as a result.

  • Choose the Right Time

As previously said, SMS marketing has a high open-rate. If you want individuals to see your messages, though, make sure you send them at the appropriate time. Because text messages do not allow you to emphasize your brand’s visual features, it’s wise to contact potential customers when they are more likely to use your products. If your company provides food delivery, for example, you might want to send your SMS during lunchtime.

  • Take Care of Your Prospects

Not only should you collect leads, but you should also nurture them so that they might become clients. Because SMS is such a convenient mode of communication, it allows you to deepen ties with prospects. However, keep in mind that people may not want to receive your text messages as frequently as they do emails. You can send emails virtually every day, but your audience would not appreciate receiving SMS regularly.

  • Create High-quality Content

Even though SMS marketing has stringent length restrictions, you should not skimp on the quality of your material. Furthermore, a 160-character limit necessitates the precise use of each character.

Add SMS to Your Marketing Funnel Now!

SMS marketing is an incredibly powerful way to reach your customers in a way they may not expect. While it may seem antiquated, the truth is that SMS remains relevant and can yield great conversions—if you do it right, of course. If you want to communicate with prospects and leads through SMS, we can help you.

Main Street Contact is a web-based platform providing SMS marketing services to help you create successful SMS campaigns and foster strong relationships with your target audience. Contact us today to get started!