Preprogrammed Texts: A Time-Saving Marketing Marvel?

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Preprogrammed Texts: A Time-Saving Marketing Marvel?

At this point in your operations, you’re probably familiar with the realization that there aren’t enough hours in a day to reach your goals as quickly as you’d hoped.

Regardless if you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, the fact remains that there’s so much to do and so little time to do it all. Whether it’s in the context of your forecasting and cost optimization work or your management and leadership efforts, 24 hours in a day isn’t enough to accomplish everything.

Among the different parts of your business that get affected by the lack of time in a day, the one aspect that tends to require more time is your marketing. Thankfully, there’s one solution that you can use to fast-track your marketing efforts and optimize the limited amount of time during your workdays: Preprogrammed text messages.

What are preprogrammed text messages?

As one of the finer developments of the field of marketing automation, preprogrammed text messages have made a considerable improvement in the concerns and struggles that businesses face in their promotional efforts. 

Technically, these tools are best defined as a type of SMS communication that is delivered to a recipient without a need for manual intervention to send. Thanks to the constant innovation that developers—such as Main Street Contact—have put out, today’s examples of preprogrammed messages have become much more effective at keeping the marketing chain going with minimal time capital. In fact, using such messages has become easier to the point where you can just set a template, forget about it, and expect it to send itself whenever you need it to! 

How does it work?

Preprogrammed text messages follow a rather straightforward operational flow—making them easier to set up and use than other automated solutions. 

Apart from the initial set-up process and contact setting, the way these tools work is that they must be triggered with a specific action that signals them to be sent out. Here are the most common types of action triggers that cause preprogrammed messages to be sent out:

  • Time: Most common for scheduled text messages, time acts as a trigger in a sense where it signals a tool to send out messages once a specific date and/or time marker is reached. You’ll deal with this trigger if you set a date and time in the future for a preprogrammed message to send.
  • Keywords: Compared to time triggers, keyword triggers are associated with an autoresponder or drip text message campaigns. This means that any potential engagements with your pool of clients or future customers will be met with a text message once they mention a specific keyword. 

What do you get out of investing in preprogrammed text messages?

Considering the immense acclaim surrounding preprogrammed text messaging, it’s safe to assume that you can enjoy many benefits with them. To best understand why a growing number of businesses have been switching over to these tools to take care of their marketing messaging-related needs, here are some benefits to take note of: 

1. It makes it easier to uphold consistent messaging: With preprogrammed text messages, you’ll never forget to send important reminders since it will be easier to schedule or automate them ahead of time.

2. It helps you improve your potential customers’ participation: Applicable to both product and service promotions, automated messaging makes it easier to reduce missed appointments since they automate reminders to customers at recommended periods!

3. It allows you to uphold quicker response times: Once you start using the services of Main Street Contact, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to customer needs and questions quicker with keywords, even outside business hours. When you get your messaging and timing right, you’ll get to boost your customer satisfaction rates by a significant margin! 


Although you may have limited time each day to run your marketing efforts in the most effective way possible, you won’t necessarily need to stretch yourself thin because there are solutions in place to help you. With preprogrammed text messages, you’ll be able to maximize your limited amount of time each day with your outreach and advertising efforts with minimal labor capital! 

With smartphones becoming as essential as food and water for most people, now is the time to capitalize on SMS marketing’s power. If you want to work with the best text messaging service for business in the United States, be sure to connect with us today to learn more about how we can best serve you!