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SMS Text Marketing Pricing


Maximum time for recording

The maximum number of characters allowed per minute

View and download campaign results and analytics

Schedule your messages to a specific date and time

Custom set a day/time for your messages to be sent on a recurring basis

Message groups of contacts at once

Type out the message you want to say and our system will translate it into a voice recording for you

This option allows your contact to be connected to a verified phone number of your choice

This option lets your recipient leave you a message

Our system detects when your broadcast is sent to a voicemail box. You can record a separate message to be left for voicemails.

Send single-question polls then view and download the results

See what your contacts are saying to you and have 1-to-1 conversations. Great for customer service!

No more paying for keywords! They’re always free with Main Street Contact. If you want more keywords than the limit we provide, just let us know.

For messages longer than 160 characters, our system makes sure that they’re seen as a single text to the end-user

Receive a free toll-free phone number when you sign up for Main Street Contact. This can be used as your caller ID when you send voice and SMS broadcasts.