3 Reasons You Must Implement Texting to Your School Reopening

man texting
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With schools reopening this fall, here is an effective way for you to communicate with students and staff.

1. Use Text for Sign-Ups

You may be thinking of using emails to send messages to your staff and students’ parents. However, we highly recommend that you focus more on the use of texting! It has a much higher open rate, and it essentially guarantees that the messages you send are read. However, it must be said that the people receiving the text messages must be signed up for it.

To motivate people to sign up, offer opt-in links in your digital outlets. This way, staff, and parents can opt-in for different types of text content to keep them up to date with information. Also, offer sign-up links in high-traffic areas of your website like the announcement board to increase sign-up rates!

3. Answer Common Questions

Now that you have people signed up for your text, you should be sending relevant information that they want. An excellent way to figure this out is to ask yourself the common questions that staff and parents may often be asking. For example, many parents might ask when the school opens, where the school calendar is, what kind of school supplies their kids need, and more.

With these questions listed down, answer them all and ensure that the essential information is sent as part of your “welcome back” text. That message will serve as its receiver’s go-to point to look for answers they need for whatever question they have in mind.

3. Encourage One-to-One Texting

One of the best things about texting is that it is so easy for you to communicate with anyone who has signed up for your text messages. In fact, it can allow you to carry out one-on-one communication, letting you send important information to specific people if need be.

Apart from sending vital information, one-on-one texting can also help to make your school feel a bit more human. This would be quite beneficial when an in-person office visit isn’t possible, where a one-to-one chat will allow you to still talk to another person more personally.


All in all, if you are planning to kickstart your school back again, be sure to implement texting! With it, you can quickly reach out to your staff and students’ parents without having to compromise on COVID-related regulations and rules. Plus, with the connectivity that text gives, you can far more personalize the information you share with others, ensuring that they get the information they need to prepare themselves for your school reopening! That said, if you are looking for how to implement text messages with ease, we highly recommend that you look for a web-based platform to help you send those. It’ll make sending and managing your texts a lot easier, ensuring success in your back-to-school efforts!

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