Improve communication and reach more people with our affordable and effective automated text and voice messaging service.

Text and Voice Messaging Service for Churches

Are you experiencing issues in any of these areas:

  • Attracting New Members

  • Retaining Existing Members

  • Church Service and Social Gathering Attendance

  • Youth Group Interest/Attendance

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Collecting Offering

Then maybe it’s time to introduce text and voice messaging technology to your congregation. Text and voice messaging offers the ability to communicate in seconds to the entire congregation and at a low cost. Chances are your members  are already using the platform for personal activity and are happy with it, so why not extend it to them where church is concerned. Statistics show that there is a decline in church attendance, a decline in retaining existing members and definitely a decline in attracting the youth. Text and Voice technology can assist and here’s why.

Attracting New Members

Once new members opt in to be contacted via SMS, a welcome message can be sent with some key areas/services offered by the church. The member can point out which area(s) they are interested in and how they want to be engaged. This can help them to feel like a part of the congregation faster, give them a chance to share their ideas and encourage them to become permanent active members. This entire process can happen in seconds, that way the church knows immediately the interest of the new member and the new member knows what the church has to offer. A new member that feels welcome will definitely tell a friend and bring a friend.

Retaining Existing Members

Main Street Contact can be used to keep existing members engaged by keeping them up-to-date with how donations, offerings, and tithes are being used in the church and the community. They can be kept informed about new programs to be implemented and make positions available for them to be a part of the process. This will encourage participation. If someone feels comfortable and engaged, this will encourage them to want to be a part of the environment on a permanent basis.

Church Service and Social Gathering Attendance

With the SMS platform reminders can be sent for each service, the Pastor that will be delivering the word that day, the Hymnal, The Scriptures to be read, announcements and so on. These reminders and invitations do not require much administrative work since templates can be created and reused and schedules can be set for the convenient time to send messages. The same can be applied for Social Gatherings, invitations and reminders can be sent. The potluck list can be easily distributed to any member willing to participate.

Youth Group Interest/Attendance

The easiest, if not the fastest, way to connect with youth is via technology, Main Street Contact can be very useful to engage and communicate with this demographic. The youth are the future of the congregation, so it is very critical for them to feel a connection to the church. SMS can foster that connection. Use text and voice messages to invite the youth to group meetings, have topics of interest that they can relate to, and create a safe space for them. Use text and voice messages to send surveys- get them involved in choosing what topics they are interested in, like feeding the homeless. Text messaging can also be used to spread positive messages. These messages can be scheduled too, so it will not use up any administrative capital.

Prayer Meetings/Requests

Main Street Contact can provide a direct link between the Pastor and his congregation. A survey can be sent en masse to members to have them submit who needs to be prayed for and so on. The Pastor can also connect directly to specific members that may require private consultation.

Collecting Offering/Donations/Tithes

SMS keywords can be used to trigger an automated response for things like donations or tithes. The automated response would provide a link to the donation page, making it a quick and easy process. What can text and voice messaging do for your congregation exactly? With the touch of a button, a congregation can be kept in the loop with Church decisions, upcoming events, special services, charitable events, and other updates. Surveys and polls can be sent to keep the congregation engaged so that their opinions can be heard. Imagine being able to communicate with parents what their children are doing in Sunday school? Imagine teens actually feeling like a part of the community? This is what text and voice messaging can do for your congregation.