Keep parents and students up to date with automated text & voice messages about attendance, events and more

Scheduled Text and Voice Messaging Service for Schools, Colleges and Universities

The way the world is communicating has evolved so much since landline phones. If you look around, almost everyone is paying attention to a screen. Information is being shared instantly and quickly en masse. How is this possible and at what cost? Text messaging technology makes it possible at a very low cost.

It’s important for schools to keep their staff, students and parents involved and up to date. Why use Main Street Contact? With texts having a 98% open rate, imagine how effective it’ll be to send out a message with your staff and students- and with our platform, it’s easy to do!

School or Bus Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, advise parents and teachers of school and bus cancellations

Emergency Notifications

Emergencies are not ideal, but it’s better to be prepared in the event they arise. Text and voice message alerts can be sent to students and parents to advise them of the situation. For example, in school lockdowns, students can be advised to shelter in a named safe space without alerting anyone through the P.A. system.

School Announcements

Use Main Street Contact to share announcements for events happening at school, like an upcoming field trip or a reminder for Monday’s PTA meeting. You can group your contacts together so that your messages are being sent to the right people.

School Activities

Increase attendance to sporting events, school competitions or fundraising activities by sending reminders.

Report Card Notifications

Use SMS to remind parents about report cards being sent home, remind them to sign and return.

Bullying Assistance

Students who are bullied and want assistance can use one of the keywords that the text messaging platform allows. For example, students can text ‘HELP’ to your toll-free phone number to alert your school counselor, who can then reach out to that student creating a safe space for the child.


Save time and money by running a paperless fundraiser. Use Main Street Contact to have parents and students text a keyword to make pledges or donations to raise funds for sports equipment, library books, and so on.


Our text messaging services can be used to distribute homework assignments, links can be sent to students to access additional reading material and so on. Main Street Contact is easy to use. You can build your list of contacts by having parents and students opt-in to receiving your message through your school’s website or via email. Once opted-in, the benefits are quick to take into effect. Your school can save time and money by sending messages en masse and by reducing the use of paper and ink to print notices, announcements, and so on. Schools are already on a tight budget and this service can help alleviate some costs.