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SMS Reminders, Notifications & Confirmations

Does your business require you to send appointment reminders, notifications, alerts or confirmations? Use Main Street Contact to effectively communicate with your customers professionally and instantly.

Consider the following examples of various templates which can be customised to include details relevant to your business and customers.

Appointment Reminders

A reminder adds value as it outlines what is expected of your customers, giving them personalised information and helping you reduce last minute cancellations and missed appointments. Key details to include are the appointment date and time, location (optional), your name and/or business name, and contact phone number.

Your dental appointment with Dr. Jacob is on Fri Sept 11 at 10 AM. Please arrive 15 mins early. We look forward to seeing you. 416-123-4567.

Your car service appointment at Lexus RH is on Mon Sept 14 at 8 AM. Please call 905-882-8888 if you have any questions.

Reminder: Your hair appointment with Carlo is tomorrow at 2 PM. Super Hair Salon, 905-444-9999.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and alerts are the most accessible use of SMS messaging because of the immediacy and direct nature of a text message. Arrival and order update notifications give the customer essential information such as the time of arrival or delivery address. Key details in an urgent and non-urgent text alert are also delivered effectively via SMS messaging making instant connections possible with large groups to communicate time-sensitive information.

Your order OR3456 is ready for shipment and will arrive tomorrow at 111 High Street before 5PM. Thank you for your business.

Your order OR98765 has been delivered at 123 Main Street.

Your order is ready for curbside pickup. Please text “HERE” when you arrive.

ACE Electricians: a technician has been dispatched to 2 Main St. Expected arrival is today between 3-5 PM. Please text 416-999-9999 to confirm.

ABC ALARM ALERT: Alarm notification! Patio Door at 7:08 PM 10/20/2020. Please respond to this message. 416-444-6767.

Due to inclement weather all classes at the Best Health Club are cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


A confirmation message summarises a recent interaction with your customer, giving them an indication that an action has been acknowledged, completed and processed. This establishes a further link with your customer, providing key details regarding the transaction, your company name or website link and an appreciation for their business.

Thank you for your recent purchase. Your payment for order #A23456 has been processed. We value your business.

Thank you! Reservation #55671 with ABC Hotel is confirmed. We look forward to seeing you on Nov 6, 2020. 

Your dinner reservation for two at 6 pm tomorrow is confirmed. Thank you!

Text messaging can help you communicate instantly and effectively with your clients. Integrate it into your existing marketing model to reach clients, establish a connection and capitalize on the effectiveness of SMS marketing.