Boost sales, increase customer loyalty and drive foot traffic to your business using text and voice messaging.

Scheduled Text and Voice Messaging Service for Small Businesses

Starting a business can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding undertakings. There is so much to get done and so much competition in your area of business- so how do you set yourself apart from your competitors? How do you become the first choice on a consumer’s list for the product or service you provide? Text and voice message marketing is the way to go!

Statistics show that most people prefer to be contacted via text rather than email or telephone. The numbers also show that 98% of text messages will be read and in turn have a higher conversion rate into a sale or a lead. How amazing is that?

Build a Customer Loyalty Program

A top priority in starting a business is getting loyal customers. Text and voice messaging can help you to build that customer base. Statistics show that repeat customers are 67% more likely to spend than first-time customers. You can use SMS and voice messages to send promotions and deals to build a loyalty program.

Text Coupons

Encourage customers to opt-in for SMS and offer extra benefits if they do. For example, “OPT-IN TO RECEIVE 25% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE!” Statistically, 77% of consumers use their phones to search for an item online so having easy access to their promotions through the same device makes that purchase even easier.

Promote Events

Got a new product or new event you’re promoting? Let Main Street Contact do the heavy lifting for you! Simply send a text message to your list of contacts with buzz words that will set the stage for your next product. As a pull factor, make it exclusive to just the customers who have opted in for text messages.

Social Media

Incorporate your SMS keywords on your Social Media page, so your followers will know exactly how to stay in touch for new promotions


It’s always good to know how your business is meeting the needs of customers. Use SMS to send links to customer surveys or use our poll feature!


How do you get your clients to opt-in? One of the most effective ways to build your subscriber list is by having customers text a keyword to receive exclusive offers. Promoting a small business can be challenging but not with Main Street Contact! It can be an easy, cost-effective task. Incorporate our text and voice messaging platform into your existing marketing strategy for higher conversion rates.