SMS Marketing – How It Can Help Your Business in 2021

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SMS Marketing – How It Can Help Your Business in 2021

If you think that text messaging has lost its spark in this age, think again! The majority of the population still utilizes text messaging applications—and it actually has a higher response rate than other digital marketing tactics! 

Text promotion is also an effective form of advertisement since the advertiser can personalize it. Moreover, readers do not need to avoid spam or ads just to see the message.  The only thing you should note is that it is not a tool that can be used in any industry—but it can be a useful tool for you if you are in the business field. 

SMS marketing is perfect for any business that requires intimate relationships with their customers. Brick and mortar stores, salons, supermarkets, specialty stores, non-profit organizations, and even churches can benefit from text marketing. 

For Retail Shops

Receiving direct updates about new product launches, promotions, sales, or schedule changes can benefit any customer. It also makes the experience more personal, making them feel more valued and prioritized as a consumer. 

Sending them store reminders will also help them remember your brand better. Furthermore, seeing your store name in their message list and even contacts list can increase your brand awareness and your rapport with these customers. 

For Restaurants and Other Establishments

SMS marketing can also help your restaurant communicate your offered deals, coupons, and exclusive codes. By crafting your message according to your audience’s liking, you can encourage them to visit your store for a quick bite! 

A text is also an effective way to bring in more customers to your establishment. An SMS will urge them to take a quick peek into the message, unlike email marketing or social media notification that they can ignore or not see at all!

How to Make Your SMS Marketing Strategy More Effective

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure that your efforts will not be wasted:

  • Always get your customer’s permission – Never send an unwanted text. If you do, you will only appear like a spammer to their eyes, which will make the whole idea ineffective. Seek their approval first before you include them in your contact list. 
  • Tell them what they will receive – Only provide them valuable information so that they will not avoid your messages. Doing so can even make them look forward to receiving notifications from your business. You can start by sending them giveaways, coupons, or exclusive offers.
  • Keep an eye on your messaging schedule – The last thing that you want to happen is for your customers to get annoyed with your messages. As such, it’s best to limit your announcements to two to four text messages at max per month.
  • Send a disclaimer – Inform your customers of any possibility of getting charged when they reply to your message. Always add a disclaimer to your message to ensure that everyone will not forget about it!


If you want to reach many people simultaneously, SMS marketing is what you are looking for. Any business that requires connection building and good customer relationships will benefit from this marketing tactic. Text marketing is the best strategy to deliver the message to the right audience at the right time. After all, people always have their mobile phones right next to them—making this a highly-effective tactic targeted towards the modern consumer!

If you want to try SMS marketing for your business or organization, then we at Main Street Contact can lend you a hand! We can take care of your text marketing needs, such as blast text messages or bulk SMS. Contact us today to learn more about our offered services.