SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

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Which Marketing Tool is Better: SMS or Emails?

Which marketing tool is better: SMS or emails? Is it one or the other, or a combination of both? The answer is dependent on the scenarios and touchpoints unique to your customers and business. Since each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses, consider the pros and cons of both in order to determine the best approach for your marketing strategy.

SMS Marketing

Text message marketing offers various benefits because of its ability to grab customers quickly. Its advantages include the following:

The disadvantages of text messaging include the following:

  • SMS is not appropriate for longer texts or messages with attachments
  • Marketing costs associated with text messaging must be monitored and managed to optimize ROI (return on investment)

Email Marketing

With projections of 4.4 billion email users by 2023, email is a key business tool offering security, convenience, versatility and the ability to send detailed information. Email marketing advantages include the following:

  • Email is customisable and media-friendly, making it possible to promote brand identity and personalise messages with headlines, links, and graphics
  • Email marketing easily directs clients to your website
  • Email platforms offer security and ease in information transfer
  • Email marketing campaigns can be cost-effective depending on the customisation and coding required

The disadvantages of email marketing include the following:

SMS and emails both offer various benefits as marketing tools. Examine the nature of your business and customer needs to deploy a marketing strategy which works best to your advantage. A requirement for a direct approach with a need to deliver time-sensitive information will clearly point you towards SMS marketing. If you need to send longer, more complex messages to promote your brand identity, you may want to pursue email marketing. In most cases, a multi-channel marketing strategy using both types of tools to complement each other will leverage the strengths of either medium and help to maximise your return on investment.