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Ready-To-Use SMS Polls & Contest Templates

Delivering a great customer experience is key to maintaining consumer satisfaction, loyalty and earning positive reviews. How do you get feedback about customer experience? You ask questions and use the responses to improve your product or service. Need feedback about a campaign, proposal, or current hot topic? Same idea – ask questions to find out what your audience is thinking. With 90% of SMS messages opened within 3 minutes, SMS polls are the best way to solicit immediate feedback from your customers. Main Street Contact‘s messaging platform can help you do this easily and cost-effectively.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Create your SMS poll question in a multiple choice, essay, number choice, yes/no or true/false format
  • Send your poll to subscribers, briefly describing the survey and how to respond
  • Follow-up with a thank you message to acknowledge responses

Consider the following list of templates for various types of SMS polls.

  1. Thanks for visiting Oil & Lube to service your car. On a scale from 1-10 (10 is best), how would you rate your experience?

Text with a number from 1 to 10

  1. Which product would you like to see us introduce next season?
  1. Product 1
  2. Product 2
  3. Product 3

Text with the corresponding letter. Thanks!

  1. Thanks for your purchase at ABC Shop today. Will you recommend us to a friend? 

Reply with a number (1 or 2)

  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. Thank you for shopping with us today. How can we improve our service? XYZ Shop wants your input!
  1. What lecture topics are you interested in? Let us know as we plan our Fall program
  1. If a federal election was held this Fall, I would vote for the Liberal candidate in my riding. Reply with ‘True’ or ‘False’

Looking for ways to boost your marketing efforts? Do you want to expand your current subscription list? Consider using text to win contests run entirely through SMS messaging. 

Follow these simple steps to create a text to win contest:

  • Use a keyword or short SMS code to instruct recipients to text or enter
  • Randomly select a winner from participant responses
  • Follow-up with an acknowledgement, reward or gift

Here’s a list of contest templates in various formats.

  1. Hi <Anne>. Would you like to win a free spa treatment? Reply ‘YES’ for a chance to win. Offer ends November 30
  1. Fall special alert! We are giving away two FREE nights in our main lodge. Text 2NIGHTS to enter. Good luck!
  1. Enter to win a free lunch combo by texting WINNER. We wish you luck!
  1. Text LUCKY to 444-444-4444 to enter our monthly contest to win 20% off your next purchase. You could by our lucky winner!
  1. To win a free SMOOTHIE, text “YUMMY” to 222-222-2222 right now! Winners announced next Friday

SMS contests are easy to create, and effective ones are shared by customers, helping you further promote your brand and increase your list of subscribers. Use SMS messaging as part of your marketing efforts to boost engagement, solicit feedback from your customers and get the most bang for your buck.