SMS Templates for Current Sellers

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Real Estate SMS Templates – SMS Templates for Current Sellers

Congratulations! Your efforts to generate seller leads have resulted in a motivated seller listing their property with you. How do you stay responsive, keep your client updated and complete the sale? Use SMS texting with Main Street Contact to stay active, engaged and in close communication with the seller. A marketing strategy that includes online messaging will help you communicate time-sensitive information in a fast-moving market and keep your client in the loop regarding showings and feedback from prospective buyers. A successful sale and a satisfied home seller who can then endorse your services to potential clients in the future is the ultimate payback.

As always, the 3 rules of real estate texting apply to all text messaging:

  1. Craft a short and simple message
  2. Clearly state the purpose
  3. Personalise to make the interaction meaningful and valuable to the client

What are some examples of SMS scripts for interactions with sellers? Consider the following templates for potential showings, updates, offers, inspections and feedback:

  1. [Joan], there is a viewing scheduled for your property on Friday, August 21 at 6 PM. Please text to confirm or reschedule.
  1. Hey [Mike], your property has 6 showings scheduled for this week. For a full list of dates and times visit
  1. Hi [Kyle], a similar property in your neighbourhood sold for below asking price at $980K. Can we schedule a call?
  1. Hi [John], I have a response from the interested buyer’s agent. Can we talk ASAP?
  1. Hi [Bill], the interested buyer’s home inspector has a concern about the roof over the porch. Can we discuss?
  1. Hi [Will]! Just wanted to let you know ASAP that there were no issues with the home inspection and the buyers are satisfied. Congratulations!
  1. [Donna], Great news! The offer has been accepted. I will be in touch with the details soon.
  1. [Ann], Thanks for selling your home with A1Realty! It was a pleasure working with you. Would you mind replying with a testimonial of your experience with us?
  1. Hey [Ali], Hope the plans for your move are going well. I would love to receive any feedback you have about your experience with us by replying to this text.

SMS communication with sellers allows you to stay in close contact with your clients, maintaining the high degree of responsiveness preferred by mobile users and ultimately helping you save time. With high open rates, SMS messaging enables quick and easy communication necessary in maintaining the agent/seller relationship not only in the current sales cycle but also beyond the current listing and property sale for repeat and referral opportunities.