An Influencer’s Quick Guide to Text Message Marketing

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An Influencer’s Quick Guide to SMS Marketing

With the rise of digital platforms and instant messaging apps, SMS marketing has taken a back seat. Companies, firms, and personalities are investing their time and efforts more on digital solutions as they believe that these are more “in”.

With that said, it pays to remember that automated text messaging is still highly relevant up to this day. In reality, they enable brands to communicate with customers at platforms where they aren’t tired of receiving advertising messages yet! 

It is for this reason that text message marketing can be particularly helpful for Instagram influencers. SMS gives personalities the right tool to stay in contact with their followers and become more accessible to them. 

To help you capitalize on text message marketing, here’s a quick but useful introduction we’ve compiled for you: 

What Makes Text Messages Effective  

Certain characteristics make text messages immensely effective amidst the dominance of instant messaging apps. Here are some of them: 

1. They are Direct 

Text messages are sent straight to a follower’s phone. On top of that, they can also be personalized, enabling you to create a more personal interaction with your followers.

2. They are Flexible

Aside from plain text, you should know that text messages can also carry other forms of media such as pictures, videos, and links. 

3. They are extensive. 

SMS is a form of communication that many people have been using for a long time. It’s also worth noting that all phone owners know how text messages work to some extent—but not all of them use messaging apps. Therefore, SMS marketing enables you to easily widen your reach. 

4. They are two-way. 

The best thing about text messages is that they offer two-way communication. You do not simply send out information; you also allow your followers to respond to you or give feedback. 

Exploring Instagram Messaging 

If you are interested in leveraging text messages, you should know that you can incorporate it into your Instagram marketing. All you have to do is simply add your phone number to your profile or a “Contact” button. 

Here are the specific steps you will need to take to do this: 

1. Turn Your Instagram Account into a Business Account 

Before anything else, you should know that you cannot engage in text message marketing on Instagram if it is a personal account. 

To turn it into a business account, go to “Settings” and select the option, “Change to Business Account.” 

2. Supply Your Contact Details 

Next, enter your email address or phone number where your followers can reach you. However, take note that any contact details you put on your profile will become public information. Considering this, you must think about your privacy preferences before publishing any contact information. 

3. Add a Contact Button 

As mentioned above, you can also add a contact button on your profile to make it easier for your followers to reach you. 

Once your information is complete, the next thing you’ll need to do is head to your profile, select “Edit Profile,” and then “Contact Options.” In this new window, you will see an “Add An Action” button; click this. 

After this, you’re all set! Your followers can now contact you through whatever option you’ve added. 


As an influencer, you need to stay visible and keep in touch with your followers. While staying active on Instagram is an effective strategy, you’ll need to tap other tactics such as text message marketing. This is a surefire way to widen your reach and become even more accessible to your target audience. 

If you’re looking for a powerful tool for your SMS marketing, look no further than Main Street Contact! It is a web-based platform that enables you to send voice and text messages with ease. Sign up today to get started for free!