Text Messaging as a Restaurant Marketing Technique

test messaging
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Restaurant marketing can come in many forms, but there is an advantage when it is done instantly. As a restaurant owner or manager, you know how the right marketing message can help you reach more customers and provide an excellent dining experience.

If you’re still not using SMS texting, mobile ads, and QR codes for your restaurant, you’re missing out on opportunities! All these three can help you immediately reach your target customers, especially that 97 percent of Americans own a cell phone

Text messaging can immediately connect you with customers wherever they are so that they can think of your restaurant for their next dine-out. Here are five benefits that text messaging can bring to your restaurant and your customers: 

1. Sending Out Limited Deals

If you’re having a slow night at the restaurant, you can send out a limited-time deal to your subscribers to fill the seats. Since your customers will receive this text immediately, they can plan their dinner at your restaurant. In addition, you can create a last-minute promotion to increase the number of takeout orders and ensure that no food is wasted for the day.

2. Receiving Orders Via Text Message

You can make your order processing faster and easier when you allow customers to order through text messaging. It’s a fast and highly convenient method that cuts down the time your staff spends processing orders through phone calls. In addition, you can also guarantee that you’re getting their orders right since they’ve listed all the details and add-ons they needed. You’ll also be able to avoid clogged phone lines that irk many customers, making your process flowing smoothly. 

3. Informing Your Guests Their Table is Ready

When you have a busy night at the restaurant, some of your guests might have to wait for their table to be ready. Once it is, you can let them know by sending them a text message. This method also gives your guests more time to explore their surroundings while waiting instead of standing by hawkishly at the table buzzer range.

4. Giving Coupons to Valued Guests

It’s essential to reward loyal customers with additional perks to maintain their commitment to your restaurant. You can send out specialized coupons to show that you appreciate them frequenting your store. In addition, you may also send out basic deals to acquire new customers and spread the word about your restaurant. If you want to reward and maintain loyalty, you have to send out great deals to loyal guests once in a while. 

5. Asking for Guest Feedback

Your restaurant’s success depends on many things, but one of the most important ones has to be guest feedback. If you want to evaluate your business’s performance, you can send out surveys about the guest dining experience, the food itself, and even the customer service. These will let you know a lot about your guests, as well as how you can improve your service. When you pay attention to guest feedback, you can make changes for the better. 


Text messaging can do wonders for your restaurant marketing. It’s an effective way to garner potential customers and reward loyal guests. It also streamlines your processes and gives guests an efficient way to make reservations and give feedback. Text messaging can be an instant and excellent form of communication between your restaurant and your customers. 

With Main Street Contact, you can send out special announcements, appointment reminders, and emergency notifications to your restaurant’s customers. We provide voice and text message marketing to stay connected with your customers while saving time and cutting costs. Whether you’re sending out scheduled or blast text messages, we assure you of clear, instant communication with your guests.