Sucessfully Including Text Messaging in Your Business Model

Woman on her phone text messaging
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Thanks to numerous digital advancements, service providers now have multiple ways to connect with their clients. Although digital platforms are paving the way for more innovative interactions, text messaging remains one of the most effective and reliable methods to engage with customer bases. This personal one-on-one communication provides a private space of correspondence, ensuring client privacy and confirmation on transactions. It’s a practice that remains strong and responsive to consumers as a means to communicate with service providers.

Utilizing text messaging in your business model

Most people are more comfortable using text messages to communicate with their friends and family, especially for urgent concerns. Besides personal use, conversational SMS messaging has been a staple of business environments, utilizing it to communicate with customers and improve customer service efforts. This allows your business to optimize communication channels and reinforce the security and authenticity of your transactions.

In this article, we’ll share three ways to include text messaging in your business model successfully.

1. Fast responses to customer queries

Most businesses utilize emails to send information through a detailed and curated response. However, this form of communication is generally slower, especially for back-and-forths with customers. Additionally, not all customers are consistently connected online with access to Wi-Fi networks when they’re moving about. In contrast, text messaging doesn’t require a hotspot for mobile network connections.

Remember that accessibility should be your priority when dealing with customer queries. Although text messaging has a shorter character count, it’s a more effective method for continuous conversations in a fast and effective way. This leads to quicker responses between customers and service providers, resulting in faster solutions to their concerns.

2. Automated notifications for buyer’s journey

Consumers are becoming more mobile-centric, primarily since smartphones are much more capable than older models of cell phones. Although this means that consumers have increased access online due to mobile apps and mobile networking, that doesn’t mean these are the best channels for reaching them. It’s more beneficial for service providers to stick to automated messaging. This allows you to instantly coordinate your consumer’s progress in your designed buyer’s journey.

Through automated text messages, you can send welcome texts for sign-ups and subscriptions, payment reminders for due invoices, order notifications for confirmation, and more. Once you have their number in your system, you can also utilize SMS messaging to have a more targeted approach with your marketing campaigns.

3. Personalized messages to improve customer loyalty

Although automation has a functional advantage in handling large numbers of customer bases, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to utilize text messaging for your business. Sending personalized text messages that can adjust customer information will be an excellent way to appear more accessible. Simply greeting them with your onboarding efforts and other company notifications will go a long way to maintaining their interest in your service.

Keep in mind that the timeliness of your messages will affect the effectiveness of your messaging efforts. Remember that your customers are more responsive during business hours and not during weekends and holidays. Know how to match your customers’ availability to remind them of your presence as a service provider.


One prominent benefit of text messaging is its scalability. Connecting your automated texting apps with your customer relationship management (CRM) software is ideal for utilizing text messaging as a medium. Signing up with these platforms is an excellent way to manage multiple scheduled text messaging campaigns to complement your business model.

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