Using Text Messaging to Re-build Customer Relationships

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Strengthen Customer Relationships with SMS Marketing

If COVID-19 restrictions have impacted how you communicate with your customers, consider text messaging to reignite engagement and rebuild those relationships impacted by the pandemic. SMS marketing can help open those important communication channels and strengthen customer relationships simply and efficiently.

Not sure how to go about doing this? Design your strategy based on what your immediate goals are and consider the following ways to increase traffic, add to your subscriber list, generate sales, and improve brand reputation. Keep in mind that any communication should be of value to your customers in order to initiate a positive reaction.

Provide updates: If pandemic restrictions in your community resulted in business site closures, advise your customers that you are now physically open along with updates on any changes in operating hours, safety protocols, and what you are doing to protect your employees and customers to ensure a safe environment.

Extended hours are back at Village Spa! We are open Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 8:00pm and Sat 9:00am to 2:00pm. Call 905-231-1234 to book your appointment.

Great news! Home Diner is now open for dining in for parties of four and under. We appreciate your business and request that all customers wear a mask when entering and leaving the restaurant. 

Open up SMS communication: Prominently advertise SMS subscription offers on your website offering visitors to the site a special discount on their next purchase for signing up for texts. 

Motivate purchasing decisions: Welcome back your customers with a promotion, new products, special offers or discounts which will motivate them to visit and make purchases.

Hi Susie, our designer line of winter accessories is now in. Save 20% on your next purchase. Stores open late until 7pm or visit 

Seek feedback: Follow-up a purchase or transaction with a short survey to learn what your customers are thinking. The feedback will help improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Hi Ann! Thank you for shopping with us today. How can we improve our service? The Shoppe wants your input!

Share your knowledge: If you are in the service industry, such as a fitness club, healthcare facility, or a real estate business, focus on building and retaining existing relationships by sharing your knowledge in a newsletter.

Hi John! Click here to get workout tips from our in-house trainers at XYZ Gym. https:/ Be safe and stay strong!

The pandemic has brought about significant changes to all aspects of life and will require new tactics to respond to changed consumer behaviours. With mobile devices being a central part of everyday life, be proactive and reconnect with your customers via text messaging. SMS marketing with Main Street Contact’s powerful web-based platform offers multiple great ways to drive traffic to your website or physical location, generate leads, and build those important relationships with existing and new customers alike.