How to Utilize SMS Marketing for Small Business Growth

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Think of every message related to your brand as a sales pitch for your products. SMS is an excellent tool to welcome new customers and keep existing customers around. A good SMS marketing campaign can aid your business in growth with minimal effort.

Regardless if you’ve been in the business for long or not, SMS is a valuable marketing channel you can use to acquire leads, build awareness, and increase sales. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Send Out Promotional Broadcasts

Boost sales and grow your business fast with SMS broadcasts. Studies found that about 90 percent of recipients read SMS marketing messages, while only 25 percent read emails. An SMS broadcast is a simple marketing strategy that takes five minutes to set up and will only cost you $0.01 per message.

A broadcast lets you send a message in bulk, helping get your text across to others who would otherwise ignore it on other channels like emails and ads. Promotional broadcasts include sales promotions, text-to-win campaigns, product launches, and customer feedback.

Generally, broadcasts are short-term and time-sensitive, making them ideal for driving revenue quickly.

2. Announce Date-Triggered Campaigns

Sending date-triggered campaigns through SMS text messages is a great way to encourage customers to shop. Prioritize your loyal customers and send out sale reminders during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, anniversaries, and their birthdays.

This kind of personalized campaign makes customers feel valued and cultivates loyalty to your brand. You’re increasing sales while building customer relationships–it’s hitting two birds with one stone. 

3. Offer SMS Customer Support

Customer support is no longer limited to hotlines and reaching out to brand representatives. Especially if you are a business owner, it’s good to utilize SMS customer support to connect with your customers and have a conversation with them.

Studies show that 88 percent of customers who receive information from a business through text SMS expect a prompt response within 60 minutes. You can save customers time by answering their questions through texts and it’ll cost you less as well.

4. Remind about Abandoned Carts

Some shoppers tend to leave products behind until they’ve forgotten about them. You can remind them of items they left in their cart with a text message to recover that lost revenue.

It can be set similarly to emails that send follow-up messages triggered when a shopper leaves items behind in your online store. However, only customers who signed up for your SMS marketing list can receive these text messages.

5. Create SMS Surveys

You can create a simple polling system that asks customers to share their opinion about your product or service by simply sending out a letter or number. For instance, you could inquire how likely they are to recommend your business or product to a friend.

You can set up a ranking between one and five, which stands for never and will recommend. This also allows you to learn more about your customers and prospects and improve your service based on their comments and suggestions.


SMS text messages are a simple marketing channel you can utilize for higher revenue and business growth. They’re a cost-effective marketing strategy that proves effective in engaging customers and reaching out to them. As a small business, utilizing this simple marketing tool makes a big difference.

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