Utilizing SMS for Hospitality Solutions for Your Business

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Businesses large and small depend on one core principle to achieve success: seamless communication. Without it, team members will not be able to coordinate and deliver the appropriate service to clients. Additionally, sending the wrong message to your customers can lead to confusion and reluctance to trust your brand. This is why it’s vital to reinforce your business’s capability of communicating seamlessly through internal and external channels.

Using SMS Messaging for Hospitality Solutions

The digital age brings with it dynamic methods of communicating all over the world. Besides messaging through chat, video conferencing is a feature becoming increasingly popular for personal and business use. While these online-based means of communication are convenient, that doesn’t mean you can get 24/7 coverage in any location. It’s a technical advantage that goes to owners of mobile phones.

However, everyone can’t stay on the grid forever, at least not with today’s technological limitations. This is why it’s beneficial to look at tried and tested communications models like SMS messaging. SMS hospitality solutions is a low-cost tool to handle different facets of your business, from alerting customers about their orders to sending weekly memos to your team.

In this article, we’ll share three ways SMS can help your business’s hospitality solutions.

1. Marketing Efforts

While it’s beneficial to churn potential leads through your electronic mailing list, it’s also better to ask for their phone numbers. This allows you to send them marketing messages to grab their immediate attention. It’s an excellent way for your existing customers to find out about your different offers, from discounts to limited-time offers on your services. It’s a practical method of notifying your customers about special deals with a level of brevity and directness, limited to the characters you can send through an SMS message.

2. Automated Sales Funnel Notifications

Doing away with the restrictions of having a network connection is one of the many conveniences of sending SMS messages. When your customers book your service or order your product, they want immediate confirmation of their purchase. Instead of simply using e-mail correspondence to submit details of their order, you can streamline their buyer’s journey through a confirmation message through SMS. It’s a low-cost solution that adds a layer of security to your purchases. If your customers are receiving the product away from a nearby internet connection, they’ll still receive updates on their product’s delivery or booking progress.

3. Streamlined Staff Communication

Besides Increasing your marketing efforts and optimizing your sales funnels, SMS messaging also has great value for managing your employees. Business owners have to handle a handful of project heads, who, in turn, oversee their own teams. This delineation of authority and tasks allow your company to run effectively on different fronts, from marketing departments to logistics sectors.

Through SMS messaging, you can provide streamlined staff communication concerning all or specific groups. This lets your employees become aware of any changes to their usual routines and respond immediately without needing an internet connection. It’s an efficient two-way communication model that can be universal or selective, depending on the purpose of your memos.


Although most people prefer to stay on the online grid, that doesn’t mean other means of communication are now obsolete. Through SMS messaging, you open the accessibility of your business to a broader scale, providing optimized communication solutions to your external and internal messaging needs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for your IT team to develop a curated SMS messaging service for your usage. At Main Street Contact, we provide an efficient text message marketing service for business owners through our web-based platform. Contact us today and discover the convenience of achieving positive results by adding text messaging to your business model!