4 Ways Businesses Can Use Text Messages to Increase Sales

Increased sales
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Digital marketing can propel a brand, but there’s not much to do when users have hundreds upon hundreds of unread emails and blocked ads. This isn’t to say that those strategies have to be given up, but it will be wise for a business to explore other avenues of delivering information.

Truly enough, smartphone sales are only increasing by the year. In conjunction with that, sim cards have also been increasing. Texting people nowadays can be one of the most effective ways to catch their attention. 

Here are just a couple of ways businesses can utilize text messages to inevitably increase sales. 

1. Send Out Updates

One primary reason to use text is that it brings immediate updates. When you want to tell one of your customers that there’s a virtual event they might be interested in or a new store popping up, a simple text message will be less of a hassle.

Most businesses can also use text messaging to inform their customers if operations or specific stores will be closed for the time. COVID-19 has been tough on a lot of businesses, leaving almost no room for updating your audience. With texting, it won’t take up a lot of time at all, and there are services to make it even easier. 

2. Engage with Customers

If you’re hoping to provide customer support or service, give your customers the convenience of choosing what avenue they want to reach you. Some people may be more of a fan of informative texts rather than long emails that are difficult to tackle. 

This good nature can make customers feel like they’re heard, which will increase the likelihood of repeat purchases and fair reviews. Be sure to ask for quick feedback too to understand what can be improved for your patrons.

3. Make Some Pop-Ups

When you have stagnant sales, one way to stimulate your customers into buying is a pop-up promotion. Reveal a certain restock that’s coming up or a sale that will be coming soon.

It will also be effective to drop in some coupon deals and tell a customer how much money they would be saving by making a purchase right now instead of sitting on the fence. Discounts and buy-one, get-ones are a great way to get people excited to shop, too, be it online or offline.

4. Try Out Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is an excellent strategy for email marketing, but the same principles can also apply to text messaging. Essentially, you’ll be scheduling a limited number of messages to your audience and targeting them to take the actions you want them to make.

These texts can be an invitation to make them visit your site or buy a product or service. Often, there will be a shift in someone’s consumer behavior, which is what drip marketing hopes to take advantage of.


Text marketing is fit for businesses who want to deviate from the usual email marketing while keeping the same principles. Implementing these techniques can get you the results you want and increase your sales in the long run.

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