5 Ways Text Messaging Helps Universities Boost Student Enrollment and Retention

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Text messaging was initially developed to provide an instant way for people to communicate, but this has rapidly changed, thanks to rapid advancements in technology. Many companies use it to send important notifications to their customers, informing them of special deals, events, or other details that require their attention. For this reason, mass text message services may provide the solution to many higher education institutions’ problems.

Colleges and universities have struggled with plummeting student enrollment and retention rates for years, with many institutions being forced to close. With the rise in remote education and free online learning options, many students no longer see the need to enrol in face-to-face classes. However, by leveraging bulk SMS, your institution can establish a better communication line with your students, increase student enrollment, and encourage more students to stay. Here are five ways mass text messaging can do just that:

It Reminds Them of Applications

Prospective students have incredibly long to-do lists since they’re juggling various applications to fill out along with the demands of their daily life. These deadlines can easily slip through the cracks, but using an automated text messaging service will make sure they don’t forget about your university. It will also help to include links within the message to enable easy access and immediate completion of the application by the student.

It Apprises Them of Student Orientations

Newly admitted students have yet to learn about the university and its culture, so student orientation is vital to their experience. To ensure new students attend all required orientations and events, your university can send out blast text messages a few days before the event, allowing them to prepare and block off the given time slot.

It Puts You on the Radar for Campus Tours

Mass text messaging is a great way to attract more students to your doorstep, especially if it’s campus tour season. It takes a lot of effort and money to convince prospective students to visit your institution, so ensuring they attend is of utmost importance. By texting these prospects with reminders of the dates, times, and addresses they need to know, they’ll be more likely to attend. 

It Announces School Events 

School events help create a sense of community among students, particularly freshmen, who are still finding their place in your university. To get the word out about events, send a mass text, which will immediately inform everyone of the celebration or festivities that are about to take place. Whether they’re festivals or career fairs, your students will appreciate knowing about these beforehand and will clear their schedule to make sure they attend.

It Sends Out Campus Emergency Alerts

Keeping your students and staff safe is your top priority, and mass texting can help you do this. When an emergency occurs, sending out a mass text will instantly apprise everyone of the situation and take the necessary precautions to put themselves out of danger. Every second count in emergencies and text messages are a great way to distribute urgent information.


Automated text messaging increases your institution’s engagement with students, helping them feel more connected to your community and making them feel like they’re truly at home away from home. In addition, by using a mass texting service, you can take care of student concerns, increase their participation in events, and improve enrollment and retention.

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