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Why SMS Emergency Alerts Matter During Natural Disasters

Disasters happen without warning. There are no scheduled earthquakes nor hurricanes that announce their arrival. When emergencies like these happen, an emergency mass text messaging service can save lives. It’s true that not many people prepare for natural disasters, but with SMS emergency alerts, you can be sure that your loved ones are not left clueless.  

In the case of businesses, SMS weather alerts can ensure that your entire team and your customers are prepared to take action in case of emergencies. Read on to learn more about their benefits, as discussed by Main Street Contact:

They Can Get People to Prepare 

Thanks to mobile devices and how everybody has them nowadays, it’s so much easier for people to get emergency updates about any natural disasters, and they get the opportunity to prepare their families and get them to safety.

They Work Even When There’s a Power Outage

As long as your phone has batteries, you will receive an automated text message for emergencies that could affect you. Even if there’s no power and your radios or TVs are not working, you’ll still receive SMS alerts. They’re more reliable because, unlike other messaging apps with push notifications, SMS works even without an internet connection. More importantly, it works even with older phone models that some people still use.

They Get Delivered Promptly

Even in businesses, SMS is used to deliver messages instantly, especially when the information is time-sensitive. It works the same with alert notifications, which require more urgency. Compared to other messaging apps, text messages are usually read three minutes after receipt at the latest. This means the recipient can take necessary actions as soon as possible, too. 

They Can Reach Contacts Wherever They May Be

The emergency SMS system can be used to reach people wherever they may be in the country. When you set up one, you can choose who you want to send the alerts to, and they’ll receive them in seconds, regardless if they’re in the same town or a different state. 

They Can Be Used by the Government

Even government agencies can take advantage of the benefits of SMS alerts and send important messages to anyone in need of assistance during natural disasters. For instance, in case of a hurricane or a flood, the government can send instructions to the residents of the affected community to let them know the steps that they should take. The system may also be used to alert the appropriate authorities or agencies should an emergency occur. 

Where Do You Get SMS Weather Alerts?

The NWS or National Weather Service doesn’t send SMS alerts to the public directly. However, they do alert via NOAA Weather Radio and, among others. After that, the third-party sources send the signals via SMS or other channels. 


Having an SMS alert notification system in place has already been proven effective during several past crises. Even in other countries, like Japan, for instance, mass text messaging has been in use since 2007. It has helped their local and national government alert their people during massive emergencies, including floods and nuclear alerts. The benefits of automated text messages during natural disasters are undeniable, and there’s no reason why anybody shouldn’t have them. 

If you are considering providing SMS weather alerts to your staff and customers, don’t hesitate and go for it using Main Street Contact. Our mass texting services can help ensure people’s safety during natural disasters and give you the assurance that your loved ones are always informed of any emergency. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.